Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The baby cake was blue...again!!

So, I was just reading a former blog post from about two years ago, right before I started nursing school, (which I am done with now!!) where I was feeling soo guilty about putting my 9 month old in day care (which he loved every second and we found the greatest greatest person to watch him which I am so happy about) where I promised him that we would make it up to him by giving him a brother, and I must say... we have kept our promise!  I am about 20 weeks due March 20th (or so) and it is in fact, a brother for my boy!  Klein is also very excited to meet his "bruder".  I couldn't be more thrilled.  While I am in fact carrying a human baby, Klein believes that he is also hosting a baby in his tummy. 

He likes hearing my recounting of when he was in my tummy, and how he wiggled around all the time.  Well, like the observant and thoughtful boy he is, he noticed that both babies and food occupy the tummy.  He commented, "when I was in your tummy I got all yucky from the food".   It made sense to me, as does much of what he concludes about life and how things are.  He is soo much fun and I am looking forward to welcoming another bouncing boy to our mix.  Hopefully as life has slowed down (just a little bit) for me for a little while, I can keep up with this blog a little better, if only for the enjoyment of reading it two years later and helping me feel good about keeping promises I forgot I made.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Isn't it rude to point?

Well hello everyone!  This is Grant posting for the first time since Klein's birth to add some activity since callieandgrant has been idle for far too long.  Plus I just felt a little guilty for only ever having posted on here once since the blog's inception.  For whatever reason, I've suddenly developed an urge to jump on board the blog train so...here we go!  Who knows how long this new-found eagerness will last for me to put my family's business out to the world at large?  I may post weekly and I may post only three entries in total but I figured since the last post was about a year ago that we are more than overdue, especially me.

For a quick update, Callie has recently completed her nursing program and is a bona fide RN!  She put in countless hours of studying and I couldn't be prouder of my little mrs.  I don't know what she's going to do with herself having no more careplans to prepare, clinical days to endure, or Kimmy, Mo, Laura, and Irene study sessions to enjoy...oh wait, more education, right?  Naturally, she has decided to keep going to get her bachelor's degree and has an RN-to-BSN online program in her cross-hairs.  She is excited to start enjoying classes in her PJs while tending to our little one.  For now, though, she's still recovering from studying her brains out for the last two years and taking things easy.

Klein definitely has a few new tricks up his sleeve.  Here are a couple Kleinism quick hits off the top of my head to catch you up a bit that I find pretty priceless:

Yes, our sweet angel of a son is talking back to us.  This picture doesn't quite do it justice since he's more sad than mad here but if you can imagine a stern Klein mad-dogging you and throwing a pointed finger in your direction while shouting "No! No! You no say something!" then you just about have the experience I have about every third night summed up perfectly.
"Old MacKlein had a farm..."  
My son has become an audiophile cut from the same cloth as his mother.  When in good spirits he willingly and unabashedly hums and sings his favorite songs, often in remix form forcing lyrics from one into melodies of others.  Favorites include Chuggington's theme song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the ABC song (which is remarkably similar to Twinkle Twinkle as it is so I can't blame him for that one), Old MacDonald, etc.  On top of that, I'm not sure if it is because he got bored and wanted spice it up by making it his own or if I have a narcisism issue brewing but somehow Old MacDonald got voted off the island/farm and was replaced with Old MacKlein.  I may be well advised to monitor how that one continues to evolve and I'll return and report to the masses as any new developments surface.
"I hear a firetruck [pause] daddy!"  
Klein has a way of inserting fun little pauses in his sentences whenever he addresses someone by name or familial status.  I hope he isn't second guessing whether I'm his mommy or his daddy but he gets it right most of the time ;)  When it comes to hearing sirens of firetrucks and ambulances though there is no hesitation.  Klein recognizes them without fail and his ears are tuned to the frequency of a dalmatian.  20 seconds after he said this to me, a fire truck passed by our neighborhood after what seemed like virtual silence to me beforehand.  His firetruck radar is unprecedented.

Of course these are just a few of the gems we've gathered from K in the last year.  As Cal and I unearth more from our mental archives we will be sure to pass them on to you along with our new adventures.  I'm looking forward to contributing to the site and keeping in touch with you all!  Until next time, all the best!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm so sorry!!

A little note to all of you who so kindly gave me your email to put on a private blog. I don't think I'm going to go private anymore, I just haven't posted in forever so you are not missing out on a secret blog :) Love you all. Just super busy. I started school again and had an awesome summer with my baby. Here is a little pic to console you. I'm sorry it's from Easter, but I love it. Until next time!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I've decided...

I'm going private... The blog that is. I held out for a while, but because of my little one, and the nightmare I had last night, I'm afraid it would set my little heart at ease. If you would care to join us, please say so. I would love to add anyone that would add their address, even if, say, I don't know you, but you are a well meaning onlooker with innocent intentions. Love you all. K's blog will be doing the same :) PS, I still think about you, even though I'm mainly thinking about getting good grades and working my butt off in second semester. I plan on going private by the end of Feb. so that should give enough time for those to chirp up! Because my comments are moderated by me anyway, your emails will never be made public via my comment page. Anyway...


Friday, November 26, 2010

Being a parent is hard sometimes...

Because sometimes, you have to say "no no" to this face...

But being the Mommy to this face, and meeting this little boy's needs is so easy. Being the one he turns to when he is afraid or hurt or needs something, the one he can trust and reach up to knowing that he will get picked up and loved beyond all measure. That part of being a parent is effortless.

Check out K and his little girlfriend here.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Check it Out Them!

Aren't they cute?

I am just so thrilled for my little sissy. She found a wonderful man who makes her crack up. I couldn't be happier for her and her Nicholas Proctor. And yes, he knows about the dime (that was a little something special for all you insiders :) They will become Man and Wife, well, he's already a man, but she will become a wife on December 28th.

I can't believe my little sister is going to be a wife!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Have you met my son..

The Godfather?

Can you believe it?!

Now, I know I have been absent from the blogging world, and I will continue to be, but I had the mini-est of breaks and decided I needed to document my cutest baby boy, in the cutest stage ever. Here's his classic Klein face at 11 months.

If you want to see more of K, check out his blog here.

Meanwhile, I am done with my first 10 week nursing class and I was pleased to have received an A! I honestly didn't think this would happen in Nursing School (which school happens to be the number one in the country for pass rates for the RN exam, 100% the last two years! I didn't know this when I got in).

I have started my Mental Health class and my first test is tomorrow, so my work is not done... about two more years to go, but it is going by soo fast!

Anne's engaged to an amazing man, Grant got a promotion, our apartment flooded so we had to move, which move happened to land us right next door to another couple, which couple is a member of our church, and has a 12 month old little girl who is obsessed with K, and our monitors work in eachothers houses so we have built in babysitters!

Anyway, life is great and we are looking forward to our trip to Chicago in a couple days,Thanksgiving in our new place together, K's first birthday, Christmas and a wedding and New Years! AND a month off from school! Can you tell how excited I am?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Epic Fail

So, it's me again. It's been a while. I feel like I have to get reacquainted with you all and gain your trust back. I know I come and go, but that's just how our relationship is. You understand.

Well, I have been a little busy between deciding to go to Nursing School, getting accepted into Nursing School (yay!), taking the Nursing Entrance Exam (phew!), then having to enroll in an English class to satisfy a pre-req (long story), then moving (down south), then having fleas in our new apartment (where's the tape!?) and having to keep everything off the carpet (for 2 weeks), then actually moving in (on to the carpet), then trying to find a nanny/daycare, then having to get all my stuff they need me to have for the Nursing program, and yeah...

It's been crazy 'round here. I was accepted into Saddleback's nursing program starting THIS FALL and I am so excited, but so nervous, and so sad, all at the same time. So excited to get in to the program because there was over 600 applicants this year and they accepted me (again :), so nervous because I hear it is such a tough program, and so sad to leave my little Him for 3 days a week for roughly the next two years. So so sad about this.

Speaking of my Little Him...

Here he is practicing his fake cough:
(I'm on to you ,little mister)

Here the little Ham is making his kazoo noise (drooling all the while...)

Oh, and have you met my other son...

Rick Moranis??
(I don't know where he picked this face up from. He's never seen any Rick Moranis movies.)

We have moved to Mission Viejo and we are really enjoying it. It was hard to leave though. I have been spending quite a bit of time trying to get our new place feeling like home.

Anyway... just a little updeezy since I haven't posted in a while

Oh, and the reason this post is called Epic Fail is because... that's what I am for slacking on my other "oh, I'm going to post a picture every day" blogs. Yeah right, and I'm sure most of you guys knew that it wasn't going to happen the second I posted about it. I mean, I can't even keep up with one blog...

I'm still going to try though.. But especially with Nursing School starting in a couple months, I am going to drop off the face of the Earth! and I'm not looking forward to it.

I've got to do it though. Strangely enough, I feel like it's what I'm supposed to do right now. Just with the timing and how everything has worked out...

It will just be for two years (sounds like a long time, but it's really not, in the grand scheme of things) and then we'll make it up to Klein and give him a brother :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Klein is so funny lately. This age is definitely my favorite for many reasons. He can entertain himself quite well, he is rolling over and figuring out the crawling position. He has this surprised look on his face half the time.

My mom remembers certain faces we used to make as babies. Anne's classic baby look consists of a look of determination/obliviousness with her tongue hanging out. This is the face I will think of when I think of Klein as a baby. I just love it!

Monday, May 17, 2010


... to vote for this picture in the Parent's Magazine Readers Choice contest.

This picture was chosen for the Readers Choice contest. Click here to vote. You can vote everyday until May 26th. If we get enough votes, it would put him in the running to be on the cover!!!

Thanks to all of you!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day, The Happenings

Grant was inspired by this...

...and decided to bust this little baby out...
(the song, "with arms wide open" goes through my head when I look at this grill, because it almost looks human with arms)

Grant also went all Euro and made some eggs with which to top the burgers...

So yummy (you should try it).

And then we had a Mommy Baby photo shoot.
(Klein has this thing that when you hold him, he doesn't look at you. I guess it makes him a little uncomfortable. So funny)

Owie! (I actually muttered this phrase TO MYSELF the other day when I stubbed my toe. Klein was no where in sight. Then I paused and thought, "I just said Owie to MYSELF". So out of control.

Baby Babble, and I totally get it.

It was a fun first Mother's Day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I feel sooo lucky to be this little man's Mommy.

PS. I am putting this picture everywhere because it's so cute I just can't stand it! It sums up my little Klein's personality perfectly. I just love that little face!

Happy Mothers Day to all of you!!

Tie courtesy of Babybystevie

Friday, May 7, 2010

March and April

Life lately has been a little crazy. I have been contemplating this post for a while, wondering what to use to break my blogging silence. Hmm. Well, I'll just start off with the facts. It was my 29th Birthday on April 6th and to celebrate during the day, we (me, Oma, Bailey and Kleiners) took it to the park with In N Out. Here is Klein in the swing. It was his first time to the park, and in the swing!

There is so much going on here. The park in the background, the In N Out, the blanket for our picnic, the bubbles that we brought for Klein that he got from the Easter Bunny.

Here shows my success at getting ALL the candles out. They were atop a sugar free cake that my wonderful husband tracked down for me. Whataguy.

Not a half bad picture of me. Lately, those are really really rare...

Which brings me to my next topic. Working out. I have had bouts with P90X, pilates, gym cardio machines, walks around the neighborhood/beach. The thing that I have recently taken to is dear Tracy Anderson. Now I know some mock her Method, but I happen to really enjoy it. I am her fan on Facebook and her follower on Twitter (before this kind of behavior might've triggered a fear response in some people, but now it's normal to be a follower of someone, okay?) I was doing her workouts (Mat and Dance Cardio) before I got preggers but then stopped during my pregnancy. Now, I am back at it with her new DVD's (which I happen to really love). We will see how it goes... Here I come "teeny, tiny".

In other news, I introduced Klein to Formula and since I got a plugged milk duct and other things, he has kinda taken to the formula so I am weaning him more or less. I am having a rough time with it. I feel so guilty about it. What do I do? I mean, I nursed him for over 5 months. Isn't that saying something? I know breastmilk is best for him, but he is starting in on solids and rice cereal. I don't know, he just doesn't seem like he's that into it, only nursing for like 5 minutes at a time, and I could really love being able to diet and get in shape without worrying about milk supply, etc. He's so healthy and happy. It's okay, right?!

Klein is sooo much fun these days. I think I love this 4-5 month stage. He is all smiles and loves to play. He is grabbing and reaching and putting everything near his mouth. He knows me and he likes me around. He can also entertain himself for a little while so that is nice for me to get my workouts done. I could just eat him up!

Okay, this post is way too long. I feel like I'm talking to an old friend who I haven't talked to in a while. There is just so much to update!

One more thing, Grant and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary. He got me the cutest leather key chain and wallet (3 year gift is leather). I got him a subscription to the Wall Street Journal, not leather, but we missed the Paper year (the 1st anniversary gift) so I figured it was fine. Grant was also called as our ward's EQP which is great. He's really thrilled about it.

Klein had his first Easter and General Conference and he got through them just fine. He even found 4 eggs. Right now, he is just laying on my bed, staring up at the ceiling. No pacifier, no toy, just laying with his hands above his head, his legs sprawled open. Totally just hanging out. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go eat him.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I'm so excited about this band called The XX. I find myself really loving their sounds! Check out their song Islands for a starter.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I won! I won the giveaway on Tell Love Chocolate! And I won this adorable hat by Katarina Couture. I am so thrilled!

Now I will be stylin' in Chicago when we go out there for the Holidays!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blessing Day

It was Klein's Blessing Day this last Sunday (Feb. 7th). We had a bunch of family in town and it was so fun seeing everyone and having them meet Klein. He was a hit.

Grant did such a beautiful job with the Blessing and wasn't even nervous. Klein was a good boy too. He stayed asleep the whole time and when Grant held him up at the end of the Blessing for the congregation, he was looking up at the lights in true Klein form. He looked so cute in his blessing outfit. I just loved sitting in church with so much of our family there for us. That hasn't ever happened for me before. Thanks to everyone who came!! For more pictures and details, check out Klein's blog.

In other news, later that day, Klein got to watch his first Super Bowl with his Daddy, Uncle Todd, Uncle Levi, and both of his Grandpas! There were other friends there too. I don't know that he will have that opportunity again. It was a good time!


About a week ago, Grant surprised me with the news that we were going to see Kooza! I was so thrilled as I LOVE Cirque de Soliel and I die at the thought of going to any of their shows. They have a show in Irvine and Grant surprised me for Valentines Day and we took my mom too! Here are the festive Big Tops at nite.

Before the shows start, they usually have some sort of clowns or other types of characters walking around the audience and entertaining. It's fun, but those characters are probably my least favorite part. They are funny sometimes, but I'm just not that in to physical comedy which is what most of it is. It's fun while your waiting for the show to start though.

pic name

pic name
Here we are. So excited to get in there!

It was an amazing show! I caught myself screaming out loud more than once at the suspense and the tricks they were doing. I highly recommend it. They are almost done in Irvine but they are going to San Diego next, which isn't too far for the locals in this area. It would be well worth the drive. Usually we have to drive to Vegas to see a Cirque show.

This is the second Cirque show Grant and I have seen together (our first one was O in Vegas for our anniversary). I told Grant I wouldn't mind it becoming a tradition of ours. One Cirque show a year. I like it!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This morning I lulled Klein off to sleep with Aqueous Transmission from Incubus. It is such a great lullaby. Also, I've always LOVED Pale September by Fiona Apple as a lullaby. Both songs that I have fallen asleep to myself. I'm not just talking baby here. I am wondering what you all fall asleep to. I would love to get some good suggestions.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Just Love...

watching the Food Network on a Sunday nite. Tonite it was battle mackerel. I wonder who will win.