Wednesday, March 25, 2009

About a year and a half ago, Grant and I went to Hawaii and we wanted to go Parasailing. We were visiting our friends Dave and Sjauna, who were kind enough to snap some pictures of us while we were up in the air. They were taken from far away and we were so dark I couldn't see our faces. I decided to lighten them up in Photoshop so that I could see our faces. Here is what I found:
Grant and I posing up in the air. Notice Grant has his thumbs up in the air but I was way too freaked out to let go of the ropes.

Our poses quickly turned to this:

and as we were lowering back down at the end:

as if nothing ever happened.

Finally seeing the expressions on our (my) face was like opening a present. I hope you feel the same.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Grandma Bench's Amazing Heart

Last weekend I got a call from my dad (who lives in Virginia) telling me that my Grandma Bench (who lives in Utah) was scheduled for an angiogram and probably needed to have open heart surgery to bypass a blockage the doctors believed existed. My dad said that it was semi-serious and that he, Elvera (my step-mom) and Liam (my brother) were planning on flying out to Utah to be with her. I decided that I could make it work and wanted to go out and be with the family and with my grandma. We had a family fast on Sunday for my grandma and grandpa and I arrived in Utah late monday nite. My aunt kindly picked me up from the airport (at 12:30 a.m.!) and my grandma was scheduled for her angiogram early tuesday morning where they would determine where exactly the blockage was. She was scheduled for her bypass surgery on wednesday. After the angiogram the doctors miraculously didn't see a blockage and determined she didn't need bypass surgery! It was amazing. It only took Grandma a few hours to recuperate from the angiogram procedure and she was back in business. It was such a relief! We got to spend the rest of the time in Utah enjoying eachother's company. Sorry to all those in Utah I didn't get a chance to see/visit! It was a short trip for me. I lived with my grandparents in Utah for about a year a few years ago and really got to know them as an adult. That time I got to spend with them was really such a blessing in my life and they helped me through some really difficult times. I am so glad that Grandma is okay, and Grandpa too! Thanks to those of you who expressed your concerns for my little sweet grandma. We are all so glad she's okay.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Why are these the best candies EVER?!?!
Do you recognize the candies that make my heart go pitter pat?

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Grant starts with a capital C...

...and ends with an official P.A. Yay! He's official. He got his number and on the card it reads: Congratulations. You may now engage in the practice of public accountancy, sign attest reports and use the title Certified Public Accountant and the abbreviation C.P.A. Woop Woop. We celebrated with a nice dinner but we will be celebrating a little more once busy season is over which is one more week! Then, Grant has 3 weeks off, we will take a cruise to Mexico, travel to Virginia, possibly take a drive up the California coast to San Fran, forget our worries, celebrate Grant's awesomeness (and mine too a little) and know that we are reaching our goals and Grant's busiest and hardest year (first year senior) at Deloitte is over! Grant deserves to celebrate. He has worked so hard and does such a good job. Nicely done babe! CPA looks good on you.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

J'dore this. I've never been much for pastels but I love love love these colors and the concept. These colors are so amazing! Did I mention the colors? I wish I had these balloons in the middle of my house like a chandelier, or hovering above my house to whisk me away to Paris. Either way, I want them.