Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The baby cake was blue...again!!

So, I was just reading a former blog post from about two years ago, right before I started nursing school, (which I am done with now!!) where I was feeling soo guilty about putting my 9 month old in day care (which he loved every second and we found the greatest greatest person to watch him which I am so happy about) where I promised him that we would make it up to him by giving him a brother, and I must say... we have kept our promise!  I am about 20 weeks due March 20th (or so) and it is in fact, a brother for my boy!  Klein is also very excited to meet his "bruder".  I couldn't be more thrilled.  While I am in fact carrying a human baby, Klein believes that he is also hosting a baby in his tummy. 

He likes hearing my recounting of when he was in my tummy, and how he wiggled around all the time.  Well, like the observant and thoughtful boy he is, he noticed that both babies and food occupy the tummy.  He commented, "when I was in your tummy I got all yucky from the food".   It made sense to me, as does much of what he concludes about life and how things are.  He is soo much fun and I am looking forward to welcoming another bouncing boy to our mix.  Hopefully as life has slowed down (just a little bit) for me for a little while, I can keep up with this blog a little better, if only for the enjoyment of reading it two years later and helping me feel good about keeping promises I forgot I made.