Friday, February 20, 2009

Testing, Testing, 123

My sister-in-law Danielle had a very interesting blog post about colors and how we all see colors differently, some can distinguish colors and hues better than others (studies show that some women have an advantage over men in this arena.) This is a concept we were taught also in A Devil Wears Prada as Meryl Streep's character teaches Anne Hathaway's character about the particular color her ugly sweater is, a color that was picked for her by people in that very room.

There is a test you can take called the Munsell Hue Test that gives you a score of how well you see color. Danielle is an artist so this topic is of great importance in her work, and since I know some of you are artists, (you know who you are) and some of you think you are (like me, you know who you are too :) I thought this test would be fun to take!

I have also decided to initiate a competition between my husband (with artist genes) and myself.
I surprised myself with my score and originally I thought Grant would win me, but now I'm not so sure he can! I will let you know who wins. In the meantime, let's see how you guys do!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wha' Happened?!

For some reason, I keep wanting to use this phrase in conversation but I'm afraid no one would get it. "Hey, Wha' Happened?" It comes from one of the funniest movies of all time "A Mighty Wind". Check it out this..

My Wild Side

Grant got me these for Valentines too! I love this bunch of wild flowers! And as I was taking pictures, two Iris' stood out and reminded me of Grant and I. I think I came to this conclusion because it almost looks like the Callie flower is reaching over to the Grant flower (it seems like I'm always reaching for him) and if I'm a flower, Grant's a flower (that was the best line from The Notebook, " If you're a bird, I'm a bird." AH!) Enjoy. I had fun trying to capture the beauty of the bouquet with my Nikon D40. I need to find more opportunities to practice. It's so fun, especially the making-up-stories part about my subjects :)

"Come and gimme some sugar.." Here the Callie flower is going in for the kill:
This one looks like the Grant flower is giving in:
Here, they are just chillin, looking at the scenery, like buds (excuse the pun):
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My Romantic Side

Grant got me these on Valentines. Actually, it's funny because I don't care for roses or carnations (Grant knows this), but Grant got me these which look cuter than mini-roses and are actually mini carnations! He's got good taste. I like these because they are petite, red, playful, and a cross between being cute and elegant.

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Love Notes

I made this one for G:
and for some reason my heart skipped a beat when I saw this written on a little red envelope...
(isn't it strange how the simplest things can make your heart go pitter pat?)

and when I read this, my heart melted again. The best part about this is I know it's true because he proves it every day.

Valentines doesn't mean much if it's the only day of the year you show people that you love how you feel. We need to do it the rest of the year! It's so important.

I am so lucky to be Grant's Valentine!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


step 1: go to

2: in another window open

3: choose 4 columns, 3 rows

4: answer the following questions in the search bar of flicker. pick your favorite one on the first page and paste the address into your mosaic

1. What is your first name? Callie

2. What is your favorite food? cheese

3. What school did you go to? Golden West

4. What is your favorite color? gray with gold

5. Who is your celebrity crush? Hugh Jackman

6. Favorite drink? Postum

7. Dream vacation? New Zealand

8. Favorite dessert? wedding cake

9. What you want to be when you grow up? nurse

10. What do you love most in life? laughing

11. One word to describe you? sensitive

12. Your nickname? cal

Monday, February 9, 2009


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Can you believe Grant took this picture of me and I really looked like this, not posing at all! It's kinda scary to think I could have this fierce of a look on my face and not even know it.
"Why is that girl mad dogging me? I don't even know her."

One Day...

Anne and I took a picture together with shady doll heads in the background.

Anne received a cake in the form of a beehive hairdo.


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Levi fell in love.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bliss in a Bottle

The BEST REFRESHMENT EVER! Now, I am really serious. It is the Hibiscus Vanilla Hint Water. I think hibiscus and vanilla must be the flavor combination of the gods. I'm sure Heaven tastes and smells like this water. I don't think I've ever fallen for a water before. Or with any flavor of a drink. I was IN A COMPLETE STATE OF BLISS upon first taste. I kept telling Grant how much I was in love with it after each sip, how good it was, handing it over to him to taste and enjoy with me, but then taking it back really quick so I could get another swig. After I finished the water, I kept the bottle just so I could smell it (is that weird?) I just happened to randomly choose it at Sprouts because I was thirsty and I thought I would give something new a try. After prolonging the inevitable as much as I could (the end of the water in the bottle) I read the labels on the bottle: no sugar, no preservatives, no bad stuff. Meaning, this would NOT classify as a bad snack. Oh my. It has received a lot of press for being super healthy I found out (upon researching it for this post.) I fell in love all over again. I get the HINT (ha.) I even considered going to their website and purchasing a case that costs $44, and I really think it would be worth it! Then I could have bliss at my immediate disposal without a trip to Sprouts.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Who Wore It Best

Has this ever happened to you? Well, it has happened to me...twice in the last year and both times at wedding receptions! I am waiting for my friend Heather's wedding photos to have a "who wore it best" feature starring me and the other girl. Actually, I am not embarrassed by it at all. I just think it's funny and I think it's even funnier that it's been so frequent recently. We both had on different accessories and everything so the dress had a different look on both of us. Grant and I got in the car and I asked him the question, "who wore it best?" and he laughed and said, "you did" which was the right (and only) answer. We were also talking about how it's happened to me recently and he asked me where the dresses were from. I told him the first dress was from F21 and the second was from Target. Not exactly exclusive stores. What he said next was music to my ears. "We are going to have to make it so you can shop at boutiques so that this won't happen to you." He was so sensitive to every woman's worst nightmare: showing up at the party in the same dress as someone else! I don't really care about that so much as the idea of shopping at boutiques. I like this solution. Even though shopping at boutiques doesn't mean you won't show up with the same dress as someone else. Thus the "Who Wore It Best" segments in our favorite fashion magazines. Oh well. My solution is just simply go up to the other girl (whether it be a fellow wedding invitee I haven't seen before or Sienna Miller) and say, "I like your dress" and laugh the embarrassment away together. It seems to be working...