Monday, February 16, 2009

My Wild Side

Grant got me these for Valentines too! I love this bunch of wild flowers! And as I was taking pictures, two Iris' stood out and reminded me of Grant and I. I think I came to this conclusion because it almost looks like the Callie flower is reaching over to the Grant flower (it seems like I'm always reaching for him) and if I'm a flower, Grant's a flower (that was the best line from The Notebook, " If you're a bird, I'm a bird." AH!) Enjoy. I had fun trying to capture the beauty of the bouquet with my Nikon D40. I need to find more opportunities to practice. It's so fun, especially the making-up-stories part about my subjects :)

"Come and gimme some sugar.." Here the Callie flower is going in for the kill:
This one looks like the Grant flower is giving in:
Here, they are just chillin, looking at the scenery, like buds (excuse the pun):
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Annabee said...

what the hizzie fo shizzie, dude cal, this makes me want to make out with anyone, someone, anyone. I love this jazzy stuff you do.

deanna said...

cute. love. whatever.

The Taggarts said...

Love it! So fun to imagine. And what a cute husband you have.

Proudfeet said...

So beautiful! You are a lucky girl!

Danielle Feldman said...

You are too funny! :D

melissa said...

hahahah!!!! i LOVE this! i just love you. so freakin cute.

The Wolverina /// said...

Hi Callie it's Lani, from the bookclub. LOVE the pictures! Oh my but they are gorgeous! I look forward to more and if you ever wanna talk photography, let me know-I love to talk about it! See ya at the next meeting!

PS. I added you to my blog. It's: