Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Caught in the Vortex

What the? As we were planning our day trip to Sedona, AZ, we were reading this list of suggested activities. I'm reading things like, "go on a day hike with a trained guide, take a pink jeep tour on one of the many trails, rent an inflatable kayak and float down the Colorado River..." and I'm thinking, "Wow, this place sounds really cool" and then I get to the phrase, "Take a spiritual, healing tour into the Vortex". I was like, "what?! What the? What is that? That sounds weird". Then Grant went on to explain to me how the place is known as like a worm-hole or something into the Universe that holds special spiritual powers that heal people. Interesting. Well, needless to say, we went and miraculously I was healed. Unfortunately, I will never know what I would have been ailed with because now, I won't get it. But really, we had a really great time, even though we didn't make it to the vortex, danget. Not to knock the mystical stuff. I mean, it's interesting and who knows, there might be some truth to it? Still, it was very beautiful. We had a ton of fun and we are for sure going back. It is worth checking out. This is a picture of the mountains or "rocks" that inspired Grant to declare, "It looks like a Filet Mignon". Yeah Grant, it kinda does. This particular shot is of a filet smothered with sauteed mushrooms.

An Announcement

You are invited
to the celebration for

Nancy the flexing Cactus
Grant Richman Lippard

on the
23 of September in the year 2008
as they celebrate their love.

Actually, this looks more like a prom picture pose.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Magic Fairy Dust

Best product for zie hair. Anne got this Bumble and Bumble hair product from the place she works at called Hampton Salon. My hair is so oily that I can't heed hair stylist's advice and not wash it every day because I can't stand it after one day of not washing it. It loses all personality and makes me look just plain dirty. Some women can totally get away with it, but not me...until now. When I spray it on my roots, the oilyness totally disappears! Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still showering every day, just not washing me hair every day :) This product has made it possible. It adds volume and oomph to otherwise dead hair. It's easy to use, although it does have color in it so you have to be careful where you spray it but it is totally worthy of a check it out this. It comes in 5 colors: Platinum, Blondish, Brown, Red, and Black. Anyone looking for a product to add volume and a fix to oily or dead hair, this is it! Bette Midler calls it "backcombing in a bottle" from what I hear so there you go. It's worth the money.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How do you really feel about Jason Mraz?

The Gnome carried out by the artist in the beginning of the show.

The guy that gets to say, "I play the bongos, man".

The stalker photog that caused much concern when the people next to us told us he took more pictures of us than the actual performer on stage. Afterward, he got our names to put in some publication... hmm. (Hope we're not found dead soon)

The only girls with free tickets in the very front row (thanks to some confusion with the tickets that other people had our exact same seat, the only seats available were in the front row danget) that didn't know every word to every song.

The only guy Anne has wanted to see in concert and somehow was able to come upon free tickets to his show randomly. Jason Mraz. Thanks Annabee for taking me!

Summer with Sir Isaac Lime

This summer, I was acquainted with some old, but great friends. How good it was to see Strawberry Short Kook again. Also, Poncho Punch hasn't changed at all. Here they all are.
  • Louie-Bloo Raspberry
  • Strawberry Short Kook
  • Sir Isaac Lime
  • Poncho Punch
  • Alexander the Grape
  • Little Orphan Orange
Do you know them?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I was just remembering when Grant cut my head off on our honeymoon.

Good times.