Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How do you really feel about Jason Mraz?

The Gnome carried out by the artist in the beginning of the show.

The guy that gets to say, "I play the bongos, man".

The stalker photog that caused much concern when the people next to us told us he took more pictures of us than the actual performer on stage. Afterward, he got our names to put in some publication... hmm. (Hope we're not found dead soon)

The only girls with free tickets in the very front row (thanks to some confusion with the tickets that other people had our exact same seat, the only seats available were in the front row danget) that didn't know every word to every song.

The only guy Anne has wanted to see in concert and somehow was able to come upon free tickets to his show randomly. Jason Mraz. Thanks Annabee for taking me!


markieandnatty said...

Me= Jealous
You= One of the greatest nights of your life!


The last Unicorn said...

Free tickets!!!! I dont even want to know what Anne really had to do to pull that one off... :)

deanna said...

Ohgoodgosh. I've enjoyed Mr. A-Z for about 8 years now. Lucky (perfect song sung by him with that Colbie chick) girls!

Sjauna said...

That's hilarious! and awesome. But what I want to know is did some old men next to you give you their backstage passes? haha, and now that I think about it, those "old men" were probably not much older than I am now. I'll have to tell Dave not to wear a suit on his next business meeting at a Third Eye Blind concert.

Johnny said...


Proudfeet said...

Dudes! I am no geography wiz, so you might laugh, but I am going to be in Newport in two weeks, is taht even close to you? Lets try to cook up a rendezvous!