Saturday, November 29, 2008

You Know It's Thanksgiving When...

You see your husband passed out on your grandmother's couch, not caring about the girly blanket draped over his face so he can get a peaceful nap. Ah yes, this is Thanksgiving.
Check it out my food blog Fresh Cracked Pepper with one of my bff's Steph. We are bringing out the big guns.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Between the LInes

Mom: (yelling through the house) Who wants to help??

Me: (yelling back) Grant! (Grant is sitting in the room I'm in and looks at me with a smile)

Grant: (yelling) I'm being Volun-told ya'll! (and walks out of the room to see what my mom needs)

voluntold: Being told to do something (probably by your wife) for someone else that needs assistance.

Monday, November 24, 2008

BWOOP Future Heartbreaker Alert BWOOP

Grant, being the good brother-in-law that he is, taught Levi how to throw a spiral and gave him some tips for passing (he was QB in highschool). Next thing we knew, Levi made it as the first string QB on his 7th grade team! Nice. Here is Levi being down with his bad self giving one of his friends a high five after they won their first game. As I said before, FUTURE HEARTBREAKER ALERT!! Ladies between the ages of 9 and 14, watch out.

Grand Continuation

So here is our first impression of the Grand Canyon as we approached the South Rim. Pretty typical I guess of a National Park. We're excited. What's behind the A frames?? Show us!!
Once we paid to get in ($25 for 7 days, but we weren't there that long. It was the only choice), they HOOKED US UP with tons of Grand Canyon, uh, stuff. Really helpful were the brochures. There were also park rangers (yes, I just said rangers) willing to help with any questions or suggestions we needed assistance with. We made good use of those rangers.

Here is a picture of Grant from 1950.
They had a complimentary shuttle that would take people to different stops along the ridge. It was really helpful and allows you to see as much or as little of the canyon as you want. We got out and explored a little. We also held on for dear life on the shuttle. There were a lot of peops in there, we had to stand for part of the time.

Here's a picture of the couple in front of the breathtaking views after we watched the sunset. The glow of the set sun cast a beautiful purplish glow onto everything, including us. Amazing.

After the sun set though, it became very freezing and we booked it back to our car. Whew, it changed in a hurry.
One of my experiments...

Here's the rock where we (along with an intimate group) watched the sun set. It jet out into the middle of the ridge. We had a perfect view of the sun going down down down. Probably the best part of our visit.

Half way gone.

What, the sun's going down? Time to kiss the day goodbye.

This photo isn't retouched. Gorgeous.

Rockin the Grand Canyon

Hi babe.

I see you.

We had such a fun relaxed time for our first visit to the Grand Canyon. Who knows, maybe in a fews years we'll be seeing it again with a couple kids through the windows of an RV! After we left the park, we went to the IMAX Grand Canyon movie that was really entertaining and a good end to our day. After that, we were on to Sedona for another day trip. More on that later...
Thanks to my Sirius XM radio, the radio never gets dull or repetitive. It also satisfies one of my greatest joys in life, hearing new music that I like. One of my recent discoveries has been TV on the Radio. Check out the dark, sensual song Dlz. Oooh. It will groove you.

Full Throttle... well okay, maybe Half

Sundays usually result in a Hole in the Wall. It's a good thing I made two because Grant needed his strength for this...


I love my rebel.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tiggity Tagged

I have been tagged! Wow, this is a first. (Sorry this has taken me so long Ash). So, I was challenged to write 6 random facts about me and then tag 6 people. Hmm. Let's see if I can do it...

#1. I lived in the Carribean (Dominican Republic and St. Lucia) when I was 2 years old with my family while my dad went to medical school (he's a psychiatrist) so if anyone needs to know how to do the merengue , you now know who to call. I also lived in Syracuse, New York for my first grade year and had a teacher named Ms. Cali. After that, my sister Anne and I would go back to Syracuse to visit my dad for the summer. I loved it back there and am still very partial to the East Coast.

#2. I have never broken a bone or had braces. I am not surprised about not breaking any bones because I am soo cautious about EVERYTHING! It's annoying to me sometimes, but it's kept me safe...

#3. I moved from Utah back to California to date my now husband, Grant. I had fallen for him during a visit to California and I was still living in Utah. I had a few weeks left of the semester and when it was over, I drove myself back to California hoping that things between us would work out. He kissed me the first nite I moved back. :) I got what I wanted... which actually was a good precursor to him still giving me what I want. He was worth the 1 and a half tanks of gas I used up to move back. My roomate at the time, Steph, can tell you I flew out of Utah like a crazy woman in love!

#4. I have saved my sister Anne's life about 5 times. (Back to the cautious thing... Anne isn't so cautious. I've had to keep my eye on her). There was an incident when she was eating mushrooms in the yard and I was told they were poisionous (Anne was told that too, but obviously didn't take it to heart like I did). One day, she decided to let me in on her little secret. She said, "Callie, I have something I want to show you." We went outside to the tree in the front yard, she put her finger over her mouth and whispered, "Shh, don't tell", then she bent down, picked a mushroom out of the grass and popped it into her mouth. I became hysterical and ran inside and told my mom what Anne had been doing. It was a huge ordeal as Poison Control was called and Ipecac was forced down Anne's throat. Anne was very upset having to drink the Ipecac and when she refused to drink it, I remember my mom saying with a panicked voice, "Would you rather die?!" and Anne defiantly replied, "YES!". I was traumatized because I believed Anne might die for not drinking it. Come to find out later, Anne had been eating the mushrooms for months and knew they weren't going to kill her. It's funny because Anne still feels the need to confess to me, knowing it could get her in trouble. She's a good girl now though. She hasn't had to confess anything to me for a while. :)

#5. When I lived in Utah, I would run 8 miles up the canyon and 8 miles back (16 miles total for those who don't do math). I really loved running out there. I ran the 10k Rex Lee Run in the name of my late grandma Joanne who died of cancer a couple months after I ran the race. I wish I felt inspired to get outdoors here but I haven't felt the pull. In Utah, I thrived on it.

#6. I only do my hair like once a week. Grant actually likes it wavy and it makes it so much easier for me. Just scrunch and go!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Don John Juanito (that's his full name, but not many people know that) was in town for a couple weeks from The Army. With this as the sitchiation, we had to do something unprecedented. John treated his eldest sister to a nite on the town in a sushi cooking class. We had such fun and impressed ourselves quite a bit with our sushi instincts. We made handrolls, nigiri, cut rolls, and yeah. We made the rice, we cut our own pieces of fish and mixed our own spicy tuna and with our crazy knife skills, we chop chop chopped our way to sushi heaven. Hey, we had a great time... so sushi me!

This is how I roll.

Here goes nothin. (Our first bites of our own sushi. This can be a scary thing.)

My Dear Nigiri. (Focus on the top one and just kind of skim past the other two weird looking ones.)

John's mastering the ancient ritualistic sushi art. Such precision. Except for when he cut his finger... just kidding.

Wasabi John

John's wasabi.

I had so much fun John!! Thanks a wasabillion.

A little late, but Nevertheless

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm sure the same phrase goes through all of our minds when we read this. That phrase is "Uh Oh". Yeah, if we get in the way, we'll be in double trouble. We get the hint.

This guy is like, "Oh, I'm sorry, am I in the way? Didn't you see my name? It means I am on a mission to get in your way for the sake of my own agenda. Namely, I am going to hog the sun, the warmth, the view, the whole effing road if I feel like it! And if you get in the way of my fun, or should I say sun, you'll be sorry." We all know "Sunseekers" in our lives, don't we? Let's hope that we can think about the other guy next time we are on a mission to seek the preverbial sun. Let's ask ourselves, "At what cost? At hogging the sun from the next guy?"

What this RV's name is really saying, "Get the eff out of my way". I mean because who wants to get caught in a hurricane? Let's not be hurricanes to those around us.

(A special thanks for my great friend Sjauna, who, on a road trip with her family took these excellent pictures for us to enjoy! Thanks for thinking of us Sj!)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


goes with any outfit, am I right ladies? That's why this is the Cutest Water Bottle Ever! I love my new BPA-free accessory. I have converted from plastic bottled water to filling up the Cutest Water Bottle Ever with filtered water. Get yours here. For you men, there are manly designs too, so you might want to check them out.