Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm sure the same phrase goes through all of our minds when we read this. That phrase is "Uh Oh". Yeah, if we get in the way, we'll be in double trouble. We get the hint.

This guy is like, "Oh, I'm sorry, am I in the way? Didn't you see my name? It means I am on a mission to get in your way for the sake of my own agenda. Namely, I am going to hog the sun, the warmth, the view, the whole effing road if I feel like it! And if you get in the way of my fun, or should I say sun, you'll be sorry." We all know "Sunseekers" in our lives, don't we? Let's hope that we can think about the other guy next time we are on a mission to seek the preverbial sun. Let's ask ourselves, "At what cost? At hogging the sun from the next guy?"

What this RV's name is really saying, "Get the eff out of my way". I mean because who wants to get caught in a hurricane? Let's not be hurricanes to those around us.

(A special thanks for my great friend Sjauna, who, on a road trip with her family took these excellent pictures for us to enjoy! Thanks for thinking of us Sj!)

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Johnny said...

I like to imagine my RV with a backlight and fog around it with a laser light show going on inside. The tag on the side of my RV would say "Fanta", because I mean don'cha want a Fanta? I want back light because it says it's better than you and the fog because it's mysterious. So it's like it's better than you and you don't know why and the lasers inside give the idea that there is a party going on inside that your not invited to. What's your ideal RV?