Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hotter than Billy Mitchell's Wing Sauce

Would a documentary about the guy pictured above (Billy Mitchell) disappoint? Rent King of Kong. Don't question it, just do it. You'll be glad you did. It's perfect for a date, it's perfect for a party, for a sleepover, or even by yourself. It's hilarious, uplifting, and will get you on the edge of your seat. Even if you're not a gamer, you'll appreciate it.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Get up Stand up

As some of you may have seen, I posted a couple weeks ago about standing on the street with Prop 8 signs. The truth is, so many people are doing so much, and here is a link to someone who has "put her money where her mouth is", literally. I'm glad we can all come together in this and encourage one another to stand up for what we believe, even when it is unpopular. Yes, there is opposition, and just as we aim to tolerate and love everyone, tolerance is a two-way street and we expect the same amount of tolerance that is demanded of us. It is so ironic to think that a country that was founded on religious freedom is having it potentially torn from underneath it under the guise of equality and freedom. In my opinion, Voting No on Prop 8 will take away many more rights than it will bestow. Just read what has already happened in Mass. where gay marriage has already been legalized. It has left many people powerless in many ways. It's fine if you don't agree, I just hope that everyone educates themselves on the pros and cons before Nov. 4th so everyone can make an educated vote and understand the consequences of that vote.

My LIfe's Soundtrack

"...D to the I to the A to the M, O to the N to the D to the Pearls of Love..."

What does this even mean? I don't know, I don't know if Prince even knows. All I know is that I used to love the song in 5th grade and it gets stuck in my head all these years later in 20th grade. Sometimes I wake up with it in my head. Weird!

PS. I wish they had a music note button so I could press it and you would all know the part in quotes is supposed to be sung. It would be so fun if we could just put to song what we are expressing by applying musical notes to what we want when we're typing. It would make the "My Life's Soundtrack" posts a lot easier.

"M' Lady"

Is Chivalry dead? To those that feel moved to answer yes, I relate the following story:

There we are at Ephraim and Cami's reception. Grant is the Best Man (hence the tux), and we are seated. The shoes I am wearing are causing me much discomfort and temptation to complain. Thankfully though, when packing for our trip, I included a backup pair. However, this "backup pair" was down three flights of stairs ( or two elevators) in the dungeon of a basement of the Provo Library, hidden in the trunk of a car, buried further still within the chaos that was my suitcase. I express to Grant my grievance (without a hint of grumbling) and communicate my intent to retrieve "my other shoes". As I begin to move, he stops me promptly stifling my attempt, and turns to the door. I watch him walk swiftly out of the party. One minute goes by, two minutes, and three minutes turn into eight. Finally, he briskly enters the large room and makes his way to the other side where I am seated. As he approaches, I see my relief in his hand and, as I look up, he presents me with something more. What's that strewn across his face? Is it a scowl of labor? A look of apathetic obligation? No, No! His countenance is aglow with chivalry and dons the victory of a hero!
Now, I not only challenge the belief that chivalry no longer graces the earth, but go further to ask, does chivalry equally edify the man that participates, as the woman it does oblige? I propose the answer is a resounding yes.

Or, I guess he could just be smiling for the camera?

Needless to say, I prefer the former notion.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's time to put on your Game Face, America.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Move Over Soup Nazi

If I were a Seinfeld character, I would be The Gulper. Everytime I drink anything, I make a noise... a gulping noise. Ask anyone who's ever been within hearing distance as I am drinking something and they can attest to it. It was pointed out to me how well I would fit on the Seinfeld show by my husband while I was drinking some tea before bed. Here's how it went:

C: Gulp, Gulp, Gulp (drinking herbal tea before bed)
G: You should be a Seinfeld character (rolling over in the bed)

I have tried and tried to be more quiet as I drink, I have had numerous conversations with people about it. I don't know how to silence the gulp and therefore, I admit, I would be a perfect character for Seinfeld, the show that points out the quirks of people in every day life. What Seinfeld character would you be?

Honk if you're with us!

This picture was not staged. Grant, my adorable man, was really this happy to be taking a Yes on Prop 8 sign to the streets of Orange County, and I can't blame him. It's an important and worthy cause, something we have been anxiously engaged in promoting. We have gone door to door informing people about Prop 8 and we have stood on street corners with signs on Saturday afternoon. We have had great experiences because of the many positive responses we received like honks, thumbs up, nods of approval, and the best part, the smiles of those who support Prop 8. There were even some drivers that were curious about what it was and we were able to pass out informative brochures to them as they were stopped at the light! It's unifying for the community and we are glad we get the chance to participate in something that we believe in and that will make such a difference for future generations. My sign read, "Prop 8=Parental Rights". Another read, "Prop 8= Freedom of Speech". Click here to learn more about it and also learn about the concerning ramifications if it does not pass. Contrary to popular belief, it does not take away any rights or privileges from domestic partnerships.  Become informed about this Proposition and we'll see you at the polls!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Falling in Love

We here in Orange County are deprived of a real Fall (sorry to say it but it's true). Grant and I hardly even notice it anymore because we have been here for about 3 years (well, I grew up in So Cal, but Grant did not) and have forgotten what Fall really feels like, until today. There was a feeling in the air this morning. Waking up, Grant and I both sensed a familiar, refreshing crispness in the Southern California air. Although it does not appear to be Fall when glancing outside, the sensation of the air is subtly biting and warms our hearts. It's the way a perfect Saturday starts. It's the kind of feeling that draws you to those you love, bringing feelings of warmth and togetherness. It also draws me into the kitchen, one, to get warmer by the oven, and two, to start making the soups, meals, and desserts that it's too hot to make the rest of the year. The sounds of college football games on the TV, hints of comfort foods in the air like pumpkin, and spices. It's not very cold and the leaves definitely are not changing here on the Southern Pacific Coast, but it brings Grant and I both back to the days when we experienced Fall as it should be. We both enjoyed this season in Utah (although we did not know each other). We loved taking drives up the canyon and spending time outdoors either watching football games or hiking next to the Provo River. Of course, I have my memories of Fall when I lived in New York as a child, when Fall enchanted me in Washington D.C., and living with my dad in Virginia and visiting during Thanksgiving. Grant misses the Fall he loved in Chicago. Ahh. How we love the Fall. Being that we both are so fond of this transitional Season, it's ironic that we live in a state where Fall is extremely reminiscent of Spring, Summer, and Winter, not smoothly introducing us to Winter from Summer, but instead from Summer to a rainy Summer. We would love to be back close to the trees, crisp, cool air, and mountains one day so we can enjoy the Fall again, the way it's supposed to be. There is something calming, soothing about the Fall. Probably my favorite season. I'm so thrilled by the glimpse of it, and yet left wanting the real thing.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Life's Soundtrack

Today: "Dunder Mifflin, the people-person's paper people.... Dunder Mifflin, the people-person's paper people." As sung by Darrel, Kelly, Creed, and some others. I just watched the episode and I really got into the R & B jam. Now it's stuck in my head but I kinda don't mind.

More from AZ

This was a little teaser on our way up to Sedona. Those painted are definitely in the vortex.

This poor mountain. No matter where it goes, it always has a dark cloud hovering over (even though the only place it goes is nowhere.)

We didn't have a lot of time in Sedona because we planned for a day trip and had no idea how much stuff there is to do here. They even have hot-air balloon rides! With our limited time we managed to see a few cool places though.
Here we are in a little place called Tlaquepaque. It replicates a traditional Mexican village and has all these original art and clothing boutiques. Also, it is known for some of the best eats in Sedona. Very unique and picturesque. They even had a guy playing the very romantic Spanish guitar which I absolutely love. That's why Grant and I are standing so close in this picture. We only get this close when there is a Spanish guitar playing, so that's how you know I'm not just making it up.

Here we are riding the free trolley from one side of Sedona to another. Was this a pose? No. There was a Spanish guitar playing on the radio. Those trolley drivers were very helpful and gave us some great recommendations.

This is a grapefruit tree on the temple grounds that I thought was kind of cute. Forbidden Fruit-esque. (It seems like most temple grounds have something like this for some reason)

The Temple grounds outside the Visitor's Center also had this little cactus garden where they had about 10 different cactus variations and little wooden signs to tell what each one was called. I never realized how many different sorts of cactus there are and they all look different, too.

This was shot underwater when we went scuba diving in the ocean off the Arizona coast. Just kidding, but doesn't it look like it could be underwater or something?

The beautiful Mesa Arizona Temple. It's architecture looks like similar to the Temple in Oahu, Hawaii. I think they were built around the same time(with such a classic design in my opinion.) The foliage is a bit different on the grounds, however. Cattails instead of... I don't know... Acacia?