Sunday, October 12, 2008

Move Over Soup Nazi

If I were a Seinfeld character, I would be The Gulper. Everytime I drink anything, I make a noise... a gulping noise. Ask anyone who's ever been within hearing distance as I am drinking something and they can attest to it. It was pointed out to me how well I would fit on the Seinfeld show by my husband while I was drinking some tea before bed. Here's how it went:

C: Gulp, Gulp, Gulp (drinking herbal tea before bed)
G: You should be a Seinfeld character (rolling over in the bed)

I have tried and tried to be more quiet as I drink, I have had numerous conversations with people about it. I don't know how to silence the gulp and therefore, I admit, I would be a perfect character for Seinfeld, the show that points out the quirks of people in every day life. What Seinfeld character would you be?


Hizzeather said...

lol...I'm going to force you to drink something next tim I see you...I've never noticed you're "The Gulper."

I think I'd be the Awkward Conversationalist. I like to bring on the awkward. Like yesterday when I told this very private guy in front of our whole table that I had a dream about him and was thinking about him all Saturday because of it. Yeah, it took awhile for him to recover after that.

ps...the dream was not racy! Someone stole my car and he came to pick me up and he was just around the rest of the whole random dream. :)

profiles can be tricky said...

I would be the uh......."pauser" or "the un-enunciator" due to the fact that i take so long in between..........words............I just can't find' annoying. Or i just plain don't enunciate..that explains why you all think my name in erin.

The Shields said...

hmmmmm.....i wonder what i would be?! any suggestions would be great

Proudfeet said...

Hello cousin! I leave tonight to Newport! I think I have Anne's number, so I'll try to track you guys down that way! I hope we can meet up!

Anonymous said...

When I get older I think I will be one of the old guys who thinks he can still lift stuff like a TV and I make it a point to lift something anytime I am challenged but wind up throwing my back out.