Thursday, October 2, 2008

More from AZ

This was a little teaser on our way up to Sedona. Those painted are definitely in the vortex.

This poor mountain. No matter where it goes, it always has a dark cloud hovering over (even though the only place it goes is nowhere.)

We didn't have a lot of time in Sedona because we planned for a day trip and had no idea how much stuff there is to do here. They even have hot-air balloon rides! With our limited time we managed to see a few cool places though.
Here we are in a little place called Tlaquepaque. It replicates a traditional Mexican village and has all these original art and clothing boutiques. Also, it is known for some of the best eats in Sedona. Very unique and picturesque. They even had a guy playing the very romantic Spanish guitar which I absolutely love. That's why Grant and I are standing so close in this picture. We only get this close when there is a Spanish guitar playing, so that's how you know I'm not just making it up.

Here we are riding the free trolley from one side of Sedona to another. Was this a pose? No. There was a Spanish guitar playing on the radio. Those trolley drivers were very helpful and gave us some great recommendations.

This is a grapefruit tree on the temple grounds that I thought was kind of cute. Forbidden Fruit-esque. (It seems like most temple grounds have something like this for some reason)

The Temple grounds outside the Visitor's Center also had this little cactus garden where they had about 10 different cactus variations and little wooden signs to tell what each one was called. I never realized how many different sorts of cactus there are and they all look different, too.

This was shot underwater when we went scuba diving in the ocean off the Arizona coast. Just kidding, but doesn't it look like it could be underwater or something?

The beautiful Mesa Arizona Temple. It's architecture looks like similar to the Temple in Oahu, Hawaii. I think they were built around the same time(with such a classic design in my opinion.) The foliage is a bit different on the grounds, however. Cattails instead of... I don't know... Acacia?


deanna said...

ah the Spanish guitar... For some reason I always think of Bryan Adams and that have you ever really really really really ever loved a woman or whatever song.

John said...

Beautiful Pictures.