Saturday, October 11, 2008

Falling in Love

We here in Orange County are deprived of a real Fall (sorry to say it but it's true). Grant and I hardly even notice it anymore because we have been here for about 3 years (well, I grew up in So Cal, but Grant did not) and have forgotten what Fall really feels like, until today. There was a feeling in the air this morning. Waking up, Grant and I both sensed a familiar, refreshing crispness in the Southern California air. Although it does not appear to be Fall when glancing outside, the sensation of the air is subtly biting and warms our hearts. It's the way a perfect Saturday starts. It's the kind of feeling that draws you to those you love, bringing feelings of warmth and togetherness. It also draws me into the kitchen, one, to get warmer by the oven, and two, to start making the soups, meals, and desserts that it's too hot to make the rest of the year. The sounds of college football games on the TV, hints of comfort foods in the air like pumpkin, and spices. It's not very cold and the leaves definitely are not changing here on the Southern Pacific Coast, but it brings Grant and I both back to the days when we experienced Fall as it should be. We both enjoyed this season in Utah (although we did not know each other). We loved taking drives up the canyon and spending time outdoors either watching football games or hiking next to the Provo River. Of course, I have my memories of Fall when I lived in New York as a child, when Fall enchanted me in Washington D.C., and living with my dad in Virginia and visiting during Thanksgiving. Grant misses the Fall he loved in Chicago. Ahh. How we love the Fall. Being that we both are so fond of this transitional Season, it's ironic that we live in a state where Fall is extremely reminiscent of Spring, Summer, and Winter, not smoothly introducing us to Winter from Summer, but instead from Summer to a rainy Summer. We would love to be back close to the trees, crisp, cool air, and mountains one day so we can enjoy the Fall again, the way it's supposed to be. There is something calming, soothing about the Fall. Probably my favorite season. I'm so thrilled by the glimpse of it, and yet left wanting the real thing.


Sjauna said...

Fall brings back all the same Provo memories for us too. We were just talking about that the other day while experiencing "real fall" in New Hampshire. I didn't think I was looking forward to fall this year until the leaves started turning. I can't help it, it takes me breath away.

Johnny said...

The leaves do change on our track though. They turn red and fall to the ground.