Friday, October 24, 2008

"M' Lady"

Is Chivalry dead? To those that feel moved to answer yes, I relate the following story:

There we are at Ephraim and Cami's reception. Grant is the Best Man (hence the tux), and we are seated. The shoes I am wearing are causing me much discomfort and temptation to complain. Thankfully though, when packing for our trip, I included a backup pair. However, this "backup pair" was down three flights of stairs ( or two elevators) in the dungeon of a basement of the Provo Library, hidden in the trunk of a car, buried further still within the chaos that was my suitcase. I express to Grant my grievance (without a hint of grumbling) and communicate my intent to retrieve "my other shoes". As I begin to move, he stops me promptly stifling my attempt, and turns to the door. I watch him walk swiftly out of the party. One minute goes by, two minutes, and three minutes turn into eight. Finally, he briskly enters the large room and makes his way to the other side where I am seated. As he approaches, I see my relief in his hand and, as I look up, he presents me with something more. What's that strewn across his face? Is it a scowl of labor? A look of apathetic obligation? No, No! His countenance is aglow with chivalry and dons the victory of a hero!
Now, I not only challenge the belief that chivalry no longer graces the earth, but go further to ask, does chivalry equally edify the man that participates, as the woman it does oblige? I propose the answer is a resounding yes.

Or, I guess he could just be smiling for the camera?

Needless to say, I prefer the former notion.


katherinejewel said...

Now that's a gentleman!! Wow am I impressed. It's the little things like that that make you fall in love all over again and remind you why you married them in the first place:) I'm so glad you got a good guy!

brittany said...

Grant-you are awesome...we need more men in the world like you.
And Callie-you should be a writer. No matter what you write about on here, I am completely mesmerized and interested.

Sjauna said...


deanna said...

Boys can be cute sometimes. SOMETIMES.

melissa said...

i think i should marry todd. your thoughts?

Callie said...

thanks guys! And melissa, I think so.