Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bliss in a Bottle

The BEST REFRESHMENT EVER! Now, I am really serious. It is the Hibiscus Vanilla Hint Water. I think hibiscus and vanilla must be the flavor combination of the gods. I'm sure Heaven tastes and smells like this water. I don't think I've ever fallen for a water before. Or with any flavor of a drink. I was IN A COMPLETE STATE OF BLISS upon first taste. I kept telling Grant how much I was in love with it after each sip, how good it was, handing it over to him to taste and enjoy with me, but then taking it back really quick so I could get another swig. After I finished the water, I kept the bottle just so I could smell it (is that weird?) I just happened to randomly choose it at Sprouts because I was thirsty and I thought I would give something new a try. After prolonging the inevitable as much as I could (the end of the water in the bottle) I read the labels on the bottle: no sugar, no preservatives, no bad stuff. Meaning, this would NOT classify as a bad snack. Oh my. It has received a lot of press for being super healthy I found out (upon researching it for this post.) I fell in love all over again. I get the HINT (ha.) I even considered going to their website and purchasing a case that costs $44, and I really think it would be worth it! Then I could have bliss at my immediate disposal without a trip to Sprouts.


Proudfeet said...

I love new finds like this! I will have to track some down!

deanna said...

I'm totally into the cucumber water. Tasted it at the Sundance Film Fest last 2007. Delish!