Friday, February 1, 2008

Mind Binders

When I was younger, my best friend Sjauna and I would pretend that we were mind binders to our other friends. Meaning, we would approach a group of people, declare we were mind binders, then one of us would think of a number or a name, and the other one would prove she knew what the other was thinking. Of course, we had hand gestures to signal to eachother what the answer was. Now, I don't know if our peers to whom we showed our "trick" truly believed we could actually read eachothers minds, but we thought they did, and we thought we were really awesome for thinking of such a cool thing to do.

Well, some recent events have made me wonder about true mind binding. Tell me what you think about this. About 4 nites ago, I had a vivid dream where I was interrogating someone with a yes or no question. The question I was asking is totally irrelevant, probably something that didn't even make any sense (you know how dreams are). I don't remember who I was asking the question to, or what the question was, but I do remember passionately asking the question multiple times in my dream, really wanting to know the answer. I was awoken by Grant sleeping next to me answering my question out loud. Something like, "yes it is". When I heard this answer, it immediately woke me up in a panic wondering if some supernatural thing had just happened where Grant knew what I was dreaming. I said loudly, "what?!" to him and I looked over and he starting doing some mumbling and I realized, he too, was sleeping. I calmed myself down, realized that it was a stange coincidence and fell back asleep. I told him about it the next day and he didn't remember a thing. The next nite, I was having a hilarious dream where someone was telling me jokes, and I was telling some jokes that were just the funniest things. I was laughing hysterically and having a really great time in my dream. Well, I woke up again to Grant laughing hysterically in his sleep. Weird.

Now, when I talk in my sleep I always wake myself up with the sound, so it's extremely rare that I talk in my sleep and not know it. Someone said that maybe I was talking and Grant heard me and subconsciously incorporated it into his dream and also started talking. I don't know, but I'm almost positive I wasn't making a sound, especially since I awoke immediately when I heard him talking. Then, the next night I woke up to Grant with his head on his hand staring at me sleeping. I made eye contact with him. He had this intense look in his eye like he wanted to communicate something, but he said nothing. He just layed back down and drifted off to sleep. I asked him about it the next morning and he didn't remember a thing. Maybe we are mind binding in our sleep! Another theory is we're both members of The Bed Club and we meet together on an island in our dreams (haha). I don't know, but it's weird. Does anyone know what is going on here?!


Hizzeather said...

You two are probably very in tune to each others emotions, so you can feel how the other is feeling. Your spirits can communicate. That, or you're just crazy. :)

Either way, it's a cool story. :)

Anonymous said...

The answer happens to be that my theory was correct, and you really have a super computer brain that can now control your husbands mind while he sleeps. GRANT IT"S JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE SHE CAN DO IT WHILE YOUR AWAKE!!! hahaha...*wipes tears from eyes* Just kidding but seriously RUN!

Anonymous said...

DUDE... I don't know what to say about all that. CRAZY experience is what comes to mind! But you know what is really interesting... Jared and I must be in the same "Club" of yours. Because no joke, we really meet eachother on an island in our dreams nightly! Funny that we're not the only ones who do that!
Love ya Callie!