Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Gingerbread Home

As we sat down to decorate our Gingerbread Homes (yours are houses, ours are homes), Grant made the remark, "I don't think I've ever done this before..." What?! I guess his grandma made German egg noodles for Christmas (which I'll be learning how to do in a few days) instead of Gingerbread like mine, which is fine. We will have two traditions to uphold. We didn't do these last year because we were crazy all over the place moving and traveling, etc. I was happy to be there for my husband's first time decorating a roof with candies galore. I did one side, and he did the other and the whole rest of the house. He had a lot of fun methodically picking out which candies should go where and he was very OCD about the whole thing. He's quite the artist when he takes the time. Of course the art gene runs in his family as you can see here, his sister Danielle does amazing equine sculpting work.


cinnamonmans said...

I like the mini balls on top of the gumdrops. Looks like you married a detail man Callie.

deanna said...

I made my first gingerbread tree this year. Hooray for decorating the holidays with yummy treats!