Tuesday, January 5, 2010


When Anne and I were younger, and sometimes still today, we have a song. It goes like this:

"Broadwaaay, I'm on Broadwaay..."

That's it. That's all there is. And it's so funny. Because we sing it in a Broadway voice and we joke that it is our dream to be on Broadway.

This picture reminds me of our song.
In Chi-Town a year ago, there was a sighting of Anne's Broadway ghost in front of the Water Tower.

It made me laugh so hard.

Going through old pictures, I became depressed thinking about the vast expanse between the way I look now and the way I'd like to look. Although it has only been one month since having the baby, and I definitely look better now than I did when I was preggers, I still have a long way to go...

This Thursday I should hopefully get the okay from my doctor that working out is fine and I hope to be able to get myself in gear and make Klein proud and reassure Grant that his marriage choice was not a bait and switch.

PS. Klein is asleep in his swing and he keeps grunting and then I hear these baby fartinhos (that's Portuguese for little baby farts). It makes me laugh. He's really working hard over there. It's funny because his fartinhos sound like adult farts, only cute. Grant and I were talking about how everything he does is cute. His sneezes, his coughs, his grunts and squeaks, his burps, his farts and poops (well, maybe his poops aren't cute, but they aren't gross). We are enjoying the cute phase,

and the dream of being on Broadwaay.


Nichelle said...

fartinhos! that's perfect! i gotta tell my lil portuguese speakin hubby

Nichelle said...

you're pretty fun to laugh with. i don't even remember what in the world made us laugh so hard one night when we went bowling with some random dudes but it was pee in my pants hilarious, and your laugh was killing me

melissa said...

HAHAHA laughed out loud through this entire post! i MISS ANNE. PS Chris and I are coming soon - SWEAR!