Thursday, August 30, 2012

Isn't it rude to point?

Well hello everyone!  This is Grant posting for the first time since Klein's birth to add some activity since callieandgrant has been idle for far too long.  Plus I just felt a little guilty for only ever having posted on here once since the blog's inception.  For whatever reason, I've suddenly developed an urge to jump on board the blog train we go!  Who knows how long this new-found eagerness will last for me to put my family's business out to the world at large?  I may post weekly and I may post only three entries in total but I figured since the last post was about a year ago that we are more than overdue, especially me.

For a quick update, Callie has recently completed her nursing program and is a bona fide RN!  She put in countless hours of studying and I couldn't be prouder of my little mrs.  I don't know what she's going to do with herself having no more careplans to prepare, clinical days to endure, or Kimmy, Mo, Laura, and Irene study sessions to enjoy...oh wait, more education, right?  Naturally, she has decided to keep going to get her bachelor's degree and has an RN-to-BSN online program in her cross-hairs.  She is excited to start enjoying classes in her PJs while tending to our little one.  For now, though, she's still recovering from studying her brains out for the last two years and taking things easy.

Klein definitely has a few new tricks up his sleeve.  Here are a couple Kleinism quick hits off the top of my head to catch you up a bit that I find pretty priceless:

Yes, our sweet angel of a son is talking back to us.  This picture doesn't quite do it justice since he's more sad than mad here but if you can imagine a stern Klein mad-dogging you and throwing a pointed finger in your direction while shouting "No! No! You no say something!" then you just about have the experience I have about every third night summed up perfectly.
"Old MacKlein had a farm..."  
My son has become an audiophile cut from the same cloth as his mother.  When in good spirits he willingly and unabashedly hums and sings his favorite songs, often in remix form forcing lyrics from one into melodies of others.  Favorites include Chuggington's theme song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the ABC song (which is remarkably similar to Twinkle Twinkle as it is so I can't blame him for that one), Old MacDonald, etc.  On top of that, I'm not sure if it is because he got bored and wanted spice it up by making it his own or if I have a narcisism issue brewing but somehow Old MacDonald got voted off the island/farm and was replaced with Old MacKlein.  I may be well advised to monitor how that one continues to evolve and I'll return and report to the masses as any new developments surface.
"I hear a firetruck [pause] daddy!"  
Klein has a way of inserting fun little pauses in his sentences whenever he addresses someone by name or familial status.  I hope he isn't second guessing whether I'm his mommy or his daddy but he gets it right most of the time ;)  When it comes to hearing sirens of firetrucks and ambulances though there is no hesitation.  Klein recognizes them without fail and his ears are tuned to the frequency of a dalmatian.  20 seconds after he said this to me, a fire truck passed by our neighborhood after what seemed like virtual silence to me beforehand.  His firetruck radar is unprecedented.

Of course these are just a few of the gems we've gathered from K in the last year.  As Cal and I unearth more from our mental archives we will be sure to pass them on to you along with our new adventures.  I'm looking forward to contributing to the site and keeping in touch with you all!  Until next time, all the best!


Hizzeather said...

Yay! Good to hear from you guys! Congrats Callie...I mean Nurse Callie! Just in time to come deliver my baby. :)

Marcus Lane said...

I am lovin this update and sad we are moving as soon as you guys get to UT! Enjoy it here!

Proudfeet said...

So fun to see an update! Little K sounds like such a hoot, and congrats on school Callie! That is a great accomplishment!