Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Perfect for Parasols

Any idea where you might catch a scene such as this?

A couple weekends ago, Grant and I attended a free symphony at Irvine's Heritage Park. We set out our blanket on this perfect grassy hill and enjoyed the music amongst families and grandmas with parasols. They played music that we all recognized whether it be from old cartoons or Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure. Also, there were some featured singers and they performed a few songs from The Sound of Music, and towards the end, some sing along patriotic songs. One indulgence was to actually go up to the stage and conduct a song with everyone else that can't fight the urge to start waving their arms in the air when there is a live symphony present. (I totally do it.) The conductor disappeared and there the symphony played to our flailing hands. Next year, we are going to bring a picnic which they encourage you do. (We were running late so we didn't get a chance to stop and get any snacks.) Also, it only lasted maybe a little over an hour so it was just long enough to hold our attention. They have done it four years in a row and every weekend they have it at a different park. A very fun cultural experience, and it's free, so there you go.

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deanna said...

I sang "the hills are alive..."as I drove through Austria. Does that count. Free concerts in the park are my favorite!