Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pardon me

Like any RV that realizes its potential, the "INTRUDER" sends a message to all who come within reading distance. This vehicle enters and exits our non-suspecting neighborhood on its recreational whim, and while we (me and mine) enjoy deciding what we can learn from this title, I'm sure some dwellers sense a literal tinge in its statement. I wish to ponder on the importance of this message because aren't we all intruders at some time in our lives? Why else would there be a need for such phrases as, "Pardon me" and "Excuse me" and even "Sorry"?( And by the way, why do we say these kind of things with their french counterparts that sound like "Par-done moi" and "Excu-say moi"?) There are a few different ways in which we intrude. A popular intrusion is simply just to disrupt someones groove if you will. Simply doing something that causes discord within their very being, creating a feeling of awkwardness and possible confusion. We orchestrate awkward moments (some do on purpose), causing someone stress over how to respond or simply how to avoid the conversation/confrontation/interaction altogether. Many of us are literal intruders, forcing ourselves on people in their homes, conversations, driving lanes (guilty), TV shows(guilty again), dinners, sleep, when they're "in the midde of something", or free time. Although we are most likely not aware of it thanks to social graces, we're all seasoned intruders and in this we are all united. Consequently, being an intruder isn't as bad as it seems. Just a little something to think about. Possibly this RV is simply displaying that which we all are, demanding societys attention toward the part of ourselves that we try to deny, ignore or justify. Or maybe this statement is, in effect, saying "Look, I don't care how much room I'm taking up and I don't care whose room it is. I'm intruding hello! I'm going where I want to go, when I want to go, in this big RV. So, if you don't want to get hurt, get the eff out of my way." Regardless, it is something we should make ourselves aware of.


Johnny said...

I think that the RV is unapologetically intruding on your day-to-day life. When you take time to go on a trip with this vehicle, it is certainly taking you out of your normal routine/groove.

deanna said...

People in Czech don't know have a term for 'excuse me'...I'm sure of it.