Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quirks or Perks

Okay, so I've been tagged by Leah to list 6 quirks. It was so fun reading hers, I hope mine measure up! Now, it took me a little while to think of these so I hope I thought of some good ones!

1. I eat grapefruit like oranges. I peel them and eat them in wedges... without sugar. I like the sweet/tart taste. I have almost one a day.

2. I take bites out of all desserts but can never bring myself to eat a whole serving at one time. I won't sit down to eat it either, otherwise it feels like I am eating it rather than just taking a bite, even if that bite turns into 3 or 4.

3. When I am sick or otherwise afflicted, I turn on Disney cartoons to help me to fall asleep. It works very well. It must be something with the familiar noise. I used to like when I could hear the TV that my parents were watching after I went to bed. I found it comforting.

4. I will listen to a song I like over and over and over and over again. Much to the dismay of siblings and husband who are repeatedly subjected to my musical taste. Hey, if they didn't like the song before, they'll end up liking it after the thousandth time. (Anne and Grant have both admitted to this phenomenon).

5. I rub my feet together as I'm trying to fall asleep. I have always done it. It must be something I discovered was soothing to me when I needed to fall asleep as a small child or something. I didn't know I did it until my room mate and friend Sjauna pointed it out to me when we were in college! Also, I HAVE to have a cold pillow. I will awaken in the night to switch my pillow over and I need to sleep with AT LEAST 2 pillows just in case both sides of one pillow get too warm. I also have to sleep on my side because if I sleep on my back I get nightmares.

6. I love paper!! One of my favorite gifts for Christmas was when I was 7 and my aunt gave me loose leaf stationary. I would look at it and leaf through it and I even still have some of those old sheets of paper. I could literally spend all day in the Paper Source. I love paper and keepsakes that are paper like letters and playbills and tickets. My journals are busting at the seams because of all the papers I stuff in there.

7. For good luck, I'm adding one more. I scrutinize EVERYTHING. I am such an analyzer that my friends and family will consult me about what I think and advise about relationships because I can pick apart everything. I ask a lot of questions. I once asked Anne, "Who's that?" about a guy crossing the street and she looked at me like I was the craziest person alive for asking her who a complete stranger was that neither one of us had seen before. I ask a very many question and demand a very many detail, but you have to give me a break, my dad is a psychiatrist(not to mention my step-mom is a psychologist) so I developed these attributes subconsciously. I even had a friend refer to me as Dr. Bench because I have a lot of psychiatrist-like qualities. My dad interestingly enough, thinks I would make a better lawyer.

Well, that's me in a quirky nutshell.


The last Unicorn said...

I rub my feet together too when I am falling asleep. Sometimes I will even get Haws' feet into the mix... It is just as good as having a back rub.

melissa said...

oh my gosh i seriously love you... we are so much alike! i'm laughing so hard right now

Grant said...

You forgot to mention the other reasons you wake up during the middle of the night...

Cal said...

Grant, by other reasons you mean your sleep talking? That is one my favorites of your quirks. The best part is when I tell you about it in the morning.

Hizzeather said...

I thought Grant was making a sexual innuendo there! ;)

You forgot to mention your funny voices! You aren't Dr. Bench to me, you're S. Berry Quinn! :)

Erin said...

Callie, so funny and so fun and so you...I love it.