Monday, August 3, 2009

So Two Thousand and Late

As of [Two Thousand and] Late:

  • I saw a picture of me and remembered how I used to have a jawline...and cheekbones
  • I invested in a bottle of Tums for the first time in my life
  • Grant and I had a lovely visit to Abingdon, Virginia to visit my dad and family where we enjoyed thunderstorms, picking (and eating) ripe green beans, tomatoes (including hierloom), broccoli, broccoli rabe, zucchini, cilantro, beets, and watching garlic being cured from the garden, attending the Barter Theater to see a Mentalist duo and watching the production The Controversial Rescue of Fatty the Pig (based on a true event in Appalachia), the Highlands Festival, stopping at a soda shoppe and having fresh jerked root beer, getting a Dip Dog, walking the Creeper Trail,seeing fireflies!, seeing a bunch of old barns, green rolling hills with colonial style homes placed perfectly on them, watching Conan and Late Nite with Jimmy Fallon every nite, and spending time with family. So fun.
  • I'm feeling the baby kicking all the time, it was most interesting to note how the baby went bonkers as the plane was taking off and landing. I guess his pool was sloshing around a little during the altitude change. Although the baby is moving quite a bit, Grant still hasn't been successful in feeling the baby move. The little man stops moving as soon as Grant's hand is placed on top of his home. Grant already has the magic daddy touch to calm and discipline the children.
  • Grant said, "okay honey, I'm going to take the luggage upstairs" and then Bailey turns to me (I was lying on the couch, just having arrived from the airport after traveling all day) and says, "Callie, you're pampered" and then I replied, "yes Bailey, I suppose I am". Then Bailey offered to take my purse and carry-on upstairs. It was sweet.
  • We went to a birthday party where we had to guess what food was in the baby food jars and I did better than I thought (5 out of 10).
  • Last nite, Anne, Bailey, and I were singing the I Like to Eat Apples and Bananas song where I made up a "y" verse that goes, "I like to yite yite yite yie-pples and ba-yie-yie-s" that made perfect sense to Anne and Bailey. We now have made it a regular verse after the "u" verse. It sounds quite nice.


Hizzeather said...

Let's see some baby bump pix! :)

Sjauna said...

awww, fireflies! I missed them last year and the year before! I miss Maryland!

And I'm pretty sure I'm feeling the baby moving most of the time (either that or can I borrow some of those tums?), but I know there's no way Dave could feel it yet. The wall's just not thin enough yet...

I love that your baby went bonkers. Sometimes I tell my kids they are driving my bonkers, and then they look at each other with a little smile and say, "Bonnnkerrrss?" and then start cracking up. I love it.

Danielle Feldman said...

Yes, yes, baby bump pics!

At least Grant has the calming influence. Jonathan would rub my belly at bedtime and get the baby (Andy) all active. What's funny is, after he was born he still wanted to play at about 11PM every night! We eventually changed his routine, thank goodness.

Proudfeet said...

Virginia sounds fantastic! Glad to hear you and baby are doing well!

d said...

i miss you guys.

melissa said...

i miss you and anne!!! why have i not come over yet? this is madness