Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day, The Happenings

Grant was inspired by this...

...and decided to bust this little baby out...
(the song, "with arms wide open" goes through my head when I look at this grill, because it almost looks human with arms)

Grant also went all Euro and made some eggs with which to top the burgers...

So yummy (you should try it).

And then we had a Mommy Baby photo shoot.
(Klein has this thing that when you hold him, he doesn't look at you. I guess it makes him a little uncomfortable. So funny)

Owie! (I actually muttered this phrase TO MYSELF the other day when I stubbed my toe. Klein was no where in sight. Then I paused and thought, "I just said Owie to MYSELF". So out of control.

Baby Babble, and I totally get it.

It was a fun first Mother's Day.


Deanna said...

mom's rock.
so do egg burgers

Proudfeet said...

Your hair is so long!!

Nichelle said...

i hope my baby boy looks away when i'm holding him, that is hilarious. klein seriously gets cuter everyday!

Sjauna said...

mmmm, I've had a burger at Red Robin with an egg on it. It was so good! But Grant's version looks way healthier (am I the only one that feels like I'm eating a pound of butter every time I go to Red Robin? am I the only one that goes to Red Robin?)

And Klein is so cute!

And you look hot!

Happy Mother's Day!

Jen said...

your little man is SOOO adorable and you look incredibly beautiful as always! You all look so happy...I love it!

Unknown said...

You're so pretty ! And you are blessed with a beautiful baby! : )