Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Does This Make You Feel Weird?

Because of my recent illness (thank you all of you for your well wishes, I am doing better), I can't really breathe that well. I haven't been able to really breathe that well my whole pregnancy, I'm so stuffy and can't sleep that well because of it, but it seems like it's been worse since I've had the flu and hasn't left me. For example, sometimes when I breathe, I sound like a kazoo. One nite I was sleeping while Grant was still up working and he said he could hear me waking myself up every time I went into a deep sleep because of my breathing problems. After this, I decided I would try a Neti Pot (we got it at Wal-Mart, it was the last one left). When I first did it, I felt weird about it. It felt weird to put the pot into my nose, it felt weird as Grant watched me in complete wonderment, it felt weird as I tipped my head to the side and waiting for the water to start dripping out my nose, and then it really felt weird when the water started running through (there is something that doesn't feel quite right about it the first time- like drowning).
I think it's working though. I've been able to breathe better since I've been using. It still makes me feel weird though.

Another thing that makes me feel weird was this realization:

My baby already has a face!!
(Is that a deep thought or what?) The thought of "the baby" to me is still so obscure, even though I feel him moving all the time and I carry him with me everywhere I go (that's weird too). Grant and I were talking the other day in the car about how weird it's going to be to be parents and have a baby! and that he will be here pretty soon (about a month or so). We keep talking about this abstract baby and then I came to the weird realization that we were talking about someone who is already with us. He is inside my body. He is here here here. He's not abstract but the idea of him is. He is already with us, we are already his parents. I wonder what he'll look like and I realize he already looks like something (or someone hopefully). He already has a face! I just don't know what it looks like yet (could be a Grant face, could be a me face). Anyway, that made me feel weird. We talk about him as if he's not here yet, but he is here, and he's with me 24/7. Everywhere I go, everything I do, he's here. It just makes me feel weird.

Also, if we had 100 bucks that we were willing to spend on Halloween Costumes, I would chose these:

Mainly because the oven would almost cover my whole body. (Isn't that chef hat amazing?! Look how high it goes!)

Also, my food blog address has been changed. It is no longer
although this is still Steph's great food blog. The new address is:
It's still the same blog, just different address and name.
I haven't posted on it in a while, but I'm afraid the fall weather might just lure me into the kitchen and I'm sure you all want to know what happens next... :)

(Is it just me, or did this post make you feel weird?)


Sjauna said...

Thanks for the laughs. I would tell you that you are hilarious, but I think you already know. Do you think your baby will be hilarious? I seriously can't wait to meet him! How can you keep him inside for so long?! My friend used to have dreams that she would take the baby out through a door in her belly and play with him and then put him back in.

M and N said...

well well well just you wait until that baby is actually here, then it's hard to come to the realization that the baby is yours and you can do whatever you want. also, i never realized how something so small could turn your house and lives upside down. yet, it the one of the greatest experiences you and grant will ever have.

we are so excited for you guys!

ps- sure turner looks like me....we dont see it, but everyone else does, so it must be true!

Ashley Webb said...

You should totally do those costumes!! A girl in my ward did the same thing last year, and she just made it out of a big cardboard box, put some straps on it and put a real bun in there. It was awesome.

And, I totally remember having crazy dreams when I was prego. In one of them, I gave birth to a bouncy-ball baby and I was chasing it all over the house trying to catch it, but it was too bouncy. Yea. In another one, I gave birth and then tripped and dropped my baby into a pool and it fell to the bottom and shattered into a million pieces and I dove in and frantically tried to pick up all the pieces so I could put it back together. :)

trueblue said...

not weird at all. i sounded like a kazoo too sometimes when i was pregnant and it was funny. and once my mom told me to get a neti pot because she said they worked great, but i never did. i think i thought they were a little weird. ha ha

Hizzeather said...

It did not make me feel weird. A little jealous, but not weird. :)

Hizzeather said...

ha ha ha ha! I just noticed my last name on your blog list. Hookerson? bah ha ha ha!

Erin said...

Yeah Callie, I feel really weird. I'm glad you're feeling better though:)That makes me feel better. Now I can stop worrying about my pregnant cousin who has the swine flu!