Friday, October 16, 2009

Jem is my name, No one else is the same

My FAVORITE Halloween ever was when I was 9 and I was Jem (does anyone remember her? Her alter ego, Jerika? Her band The Holograms? Her computer friend Synergy and her boyfriend Rio with purple hair? Her rival band The Misfits?). I can't describe my feelings of pure elation (I don't think a 9 year old has ever been so happy) when I put on my Jem costume that my mom had made (she refused to buy any store bought costumes and made us all our costumes, and they were always AMAZING). I was a little reluctant since my mom didn't have a pattern for the Jem outfit. It was the first time I actually wanted a store bought costume because I wasn't sure what my mom was going to do and how it would look. The moment I saw my mom's masterpiece complete with the white leather fringe belt and star (synergy) earrings and pink hair spray, I became Jem. (My costume looked EXACTLY like the outfit pictured above) It was one of the happiest moments of my life.


Danielle Locken said...

Halloween day many moons ago. I had a crush on this boy in sixth grade. I was a 50s girl, he was Batman. We were in daycare together. He would casually walk by every now and then and toss Kit-Kat bars at me, making sure no one saw him do this but me. I took this as a sign of his affection for me. Pure elation, let me tell you.

P.S. You still are Jem. Anne gives you that haircut all the time.

P.S.S. I thought you were going to tell me you're naming your son "Jem."

Hizzeather said...

And you forgot to mention how you were also Jem in High School and ding dong ditched baked goods to people and that those people still think I was Jem and refuse to believe my denials!!!!

{long breath}
That was a long sentence! I'm not bitter...much :)

Ashley Webb said...

I know how you felt.
I was Dorothy.
With the red sparkly shoes and toto in a basket.

Pure bliss.

I want to see pictures. :)

The last Unicorn said...

I loved Jem and the Holograms! I even had the earrings which I wore pretending that I turned in to here!

Sjauna said...


The last Unicorn said...

I meant HER. That's what I get for typing and talking on the phone!

deanna said...

I totally remember watching that and G.I. Joe on Saturday morning. You gonna go for the costume again this year? Jem...20 years later and pregnant?

Erin Spencer said...

Okay, so I LOVED Jem! I used to get up early on school days just to watch the show almost every day:) Wish I would've thought of that as a Halloween costume one year...hey, there's always this year! You could go as pregnant Jem...?

Cal said...

I can't find any pictures danget! I'm so disappointed.