Monday, October 19, 2009

So, My Mom went Outta Town

Wednesday Morning: I say goodbye to my mom at the airport as she boards a plane to Maryland to see her sisters. This marks the beginning of my reign in the house for a few days. Not that big of a deal really. Getting geared up for all the rides and activities I need to be on top of. Soccer practice, Football practice, YW/YM Activity at the park, Grant's Softball game, etc. Wednesday was the busiest day for activities until everything was canceled due to the rain we were getting. I relaxed a little thinking my life was going to be pretty easy.

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Friday Morning: I send Grant off to work and Bailey off to school making sure all the homework was done and lunches were made. I realize Levi is still home meaning that the illness he was alluding to the nite before probably got worse. That's okay because Grant had a cold that lasted about a day last weekend and I figured it was the same thing. I just tried to make Levi comfortable on the couch with some NyQuil to help him sleep it off.

Friday Afternoon: I go to the store to get Levi some Coke and bananas because now he is feeling worse and is having a bit of nausea.

Later Friday Afternoon: I get out of the shower and hear Levi yelling for me. I get dressed and go downstairs and ask him what's wrong. He says, "the NyQuil isn't working", neither is the acetaminophen (which dosages I spaced out). I hear him on the couch lamenting to himself, "Why? Why?" (when I hear this, I smile a little because I have probably done the exact same thing). Now, Levi has a fever and is feeling much worse with a cough and stuffy nose. I start to realize this is not what Grant had and make an appointment for Levi to see the doctor at 4.

Friday Evening: We see the doctor and he pulls me aside and tells me he thinks Levi has the SWINE FLU and that Levi is really sick. Levi gets a shot and some pain medicine and I go to the store to fill his Rx. He starts to feel a lot better. I'm not usually one for panicking but I'm pregnant and have a virtually non-existent immune system so I'm feeling a little stressed about it.

Saturday Morning: My mom is coming home tonite so I start to try and get everything that Levi used washed. This includes everything on the couch, 2 beds, towels, clothes, and anything else I can think of that he might have touched. 5 loads of laundry later, we mopped, swept, vacuumed, folded clothes, made two beds, disinfected the entire living room and kitchen and bathroom, all in time for my mom to get home to a close-to swine-flu-free house. In the meantime, I was probably exposed to it like a thousand times. We forgo the opportunity to go to the BYU game in San Diego and meet up with friends for dinner. It's a sad and frantic day.

Sunday Morning: 9 o clock church starts but everyone in the house is sleeping because we are staying home from church so as to not infect anyone there. Quarantined and Levi gets cabin fever (a pretty severe case of it). We play "What If" as our game for Family Home Evening and all laugh like crazy at the question, "What if Callie's baby was growing in her butt?" (mom's question) and the random answer, "Then that would be weird" I could go on and on. (If you haven't played that game before, it's the best thing ever). The game cures Levi's cabin fever.

Monday Morning: I'm just waiting it out hoping that I don't get whatever it is that he had.

PS. Did I mention my phone totally died so I had to send it in and have been without it for the last week, which almost stresses me out as much as the possibility of getting the Swine Flu? Yeah, that's how sick I am.

Levi, before the Swine Flu


Danielle Feldman said...

You're a trooper. Stay well! We'll keep you and the baby in our prayers (Grant can fend for himself ;-0)

Hizzeather said...

Ummm...scary! I'm sure you'll be okay though! Try not to stress honey! That makes your immune system even weaker!

On a good note, you got to work on your mommy'll be that much better when your kids get sick! :)

The last Unicorn said...

Poor guy! My sis had the swine flu too! She said it was just like a bad flu though. I hope you don't get sick! Did you get the vaccine? I don't think I am going to get it... I am a little leery of them.

Sjauna said...

Ugh! I always think the flu is not that bad until I get it. Then I remember. Poor Levi. What a good big sister!

Erin Spencer said...

We'll pray that you don't get the swine flu, Cal! And, we're gonna have to start the what if game around here. Sounds like a great idea for the next family reunion:)