Monday, August 20, 2007

The Holidays...

Just a few days before we were married we celebrated our First Easter. I was living in our apartment in Anaheim by myself getting it ready. Grant knew that Easter was my favorite holiday and that I love Easter candy. So, when Easter morning came at the new place, he asked me if the Easter Bunny had paid me a visit. Hidden behind our couch was a hot pink Easter basket filled with goodies. I'm just sad that the Easter Bunny forgot to get Grant anything...wait a second...

Our First Christmas was spent in Abingdon, Virginia where Grant finally had the chance to meet my dad in person ( he had already spoken to him on the phone to ask if he could marry me) and my step-mother Elvera and my brother Liam. It was a lot of fun. We saw "It's a Wonderful Life" at the historic Barter Theatre , we saw a BYU football game at a neighbor's house and had a great time enjoying the beautiful scenery and visiting with family and friends.

To bring in 2007, we partied in Huntington Beach with a bunch of our peops. Holla!

Gobble Gobble. Our first road trip took us to Utah for Thanksgiving where Grant charmed the Bench fam and I wowed his friends. Well done. We hit pretty bad traffic though. If you're going to be roadtripping between California and Utah, find out what time they are doing construction on the I 15 first. It'll save you about 6 hours.

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