Sunday, August 26, 2007

Honeymoon: Take 2

Here we are on our last day with the Schorrs. We are at Waimea Bay. Grant and I jumped off some little rocks that you can see in the distance. The water is so warm and clear. It was the perfect ending to a perfect vacation.

We had to drag this kayak from the rental place. It was kind of an inconvenience but everyone else was doing it so we couldn't really complain. When we got there, the clouds rolled in and the winds picked up. As the sand blew in our eyes, we thought we might go back and get a refund, but then our adventurous spirit caught hold and we strapped ourselves in and started paddling toward the island. After an hour and a half of fighting against the current and the wind, we turned around but we had a great time and saw a huge sea turtle coasting along the waves. Grant and I were arguing whether he should paddle on the same side as me, or opposite side. Does anyone know the proper kayaking rules?

Now, do I look like I belong here or what?

A Bamboo Forest means a makeshift bamboo walking stick. Good job honey.

Our Hosts. Our Parasailing Partners. Our Friends.

Parasailing 700 ft. baby.

We went to the Dole Plantation and it was really interesting. I had never seen how a pineapple grows. Plus, one of my favorite things from the first time I went to Hawaii was the pineapple. Grant's pretty happy about this pineapple slushy with fresh pineapple juice and homemade pineapple ice cream. See that second spoon? Yeah, it's mine...

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