Sunday, August 26, 2007

Settling in

"Don't make me come back there!" This is the view our kids are going to have when they are making a ruckus in the car. Poor things. For now, it's the view Anne has when she comes shopping with us for our new apartment. We had fun burning up those gift cards!

One of the lessons that Grant learned from my former boyfriend "Mr. Wonderful" was that a woman likes it when her man goes shopping with her and carries all her bags. Grant is a quick learner and now he's earned the title Mr. Wonderful. Inside the bags? Our bathroom stuff from Anthropologie. I could get used to this!

The Grove may be a hip place to shop and a good place to spot celebs but we love it because of the Farmers Market. Here's Amber (Anne's friend from her mission), Annabe, and Grant. We are all enjoying delicious corned beef from our grandpa's restaurant called Magee's. We need the stength for all of the shopping we are about to do.

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