Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm back with whoop A's.

I'm back (for now) and super excited my grueling schedule has returned to my normal low-key life (kind of). I am so happy that my time away has born gifts that keep giving. With my 2 A's in Physiology and Microbiology, my core science GPA is 4.0 which is really good when applying to nursing schools which I am doing this month. Grant and I have been having a good time though and are happy that we recently celebrated Anniversary number 1(raise the roof) and Grant surprised me with a trip to Lost Wages to see the Cirque show at the Bellagio ,"O" ,which I have been wanting to see forever. To say it was amazing is an understatment. We had such good seats we could see the expressions on the performers faces, we were like 4 rows back. Grant's so good. We ate at Bobby Flay's restaurant which Grant remembered that I mentioned I wanted to eat there a while back (I didn't remember myself so double surprise). We ate at a great brunch at the MGM. Brunch is my fav. They even had deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Is that legal?

We found out the day after our anniversary that I was preggers and then 10 weeks later I had a miscarriage which was definately an experience. Grant was really great and took the whole week off of work to be with me. We are grateful for the bonding experience and knew everything was in the hands of the Lord. These kind of experiences I like to call cliff hangers. (Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis reference)

We are looking into buying a car. Any suggestions?

Well, I will get some pictures and things together for my next post-make it a little more interesting! Until then my pretties.


The last Unicorn said...

4.0? That is impressive! I am glad to see you are back to the blogging world and it sounds like you guys have been making good use of the past month. As far as a car goes... you know I have to say get a dodge! I actually really love my Journey :)

Heather said...

Yeah!!! Welcome back! :)

I'm sorry about the miscarriage. It's sad to say that it happens a lot, with first babies. I've had quite a few friends go through the same experience; but knowing that it's so common still doesn't make it any easier.

As far as a car goes, I am looking into the new Honda CR-V. I have 2 friends who have it and love it. I love the way it looks, kinda like a Lexus SUV. I have a lot of trust in Honda too.

markieandnatty said...

Callie you are amazing! Im glad your hubby takes care of you! As for the car, you know I am all Audi's! DO IT!

Michelle, Chris, and Hallie said...

I am so impressed with your Science scores!!! I could never do that. Your Vegas trip sounds super fun. So sorry about your miscarriage. I am glad you have Grant to take care of you.

Danielle said...

callie, you smarty pants, you. my advice is get something that won't burn too much fuel. another honda?

Anonymous said...

callie. Congrats on the grades! That takes a lot of brain power!
As far as the car goes, nothing that has the letter SUV, is my recommendation, especially with gas prices being what they are.

I'm so sorry to hear about the miscarraige. It sounds like you are in good hands with your hubby though. We will keep you in our prayers.

Anonymous said...
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Danielle said...

vamos a la playa! what is your number?