Monday, June 30, 2008

I wanna get di-gi-tal, di-gi-tal

Thanks to a cracked something on our camera, it's broken. How can I do a blog without a camera people? So, I am in the market for the best camera ever ( I am also enrolled in a digital photog class in the fall so I will be honing my picture taking skillz). Calling all my talented picture-taking peops and freaks, which digital camera is the best?(I'm throwing price to the wind right now so just give it to me straight) Thanks!


Callie and Grant Lippard said...

I already bought a camera, but thanks anyhew.

Sjauna said...

What did you get?! I'm so excited! I was going to tell you that I have a Nikon D40, which I love. My 35mm SLR was a Canon, and I like my Nikon so much better, but maybe that has something to do with it being di-gi-tal. Just maybe. Anyway, I'm excited about your class. You will love it! And you're going to be so good at it too! Am I overly excited? Could be. could be.