Thursday, June 26, 2008

This last week was so fun as we had guests in town from all over the world (okay, they were all from Utah) but still, it was so much fun. My Aunt Jenny and her fam were in town for the week and we enjoyed going to the beach where I got fried, and also going to the American Girl store (which is really quite a big deal but I didn't know anything about it when I was little) at the Grove as it was my little cousin Eden's 6th birthday (she's the darling one on the bottom left)! We had a lot of fun and an exciting "visual experience" (in the words of my Uncle Garrett pictured below) driving through downtown LA :) We also had the chance to introduce them to PinkBerry which is also seems to be quite a big deal.

Grant also enjoyed ordering a chicken pot pie bigger than his face for dinner.
(thank you Yard House )
(and thank you Olivia for being so cute in the background)

Then, we met up with one of Grant's best friends Ephraim and his girl Cami who were in town specifically for a movie being premiered at the LA Film Festival. But first we went to the Body World's 3 exhibit at the California Science Center. They have incredible displays. One of my fav's was an exhibit of just the capillaries where you can tell exactly what the figure is, whether it was a face or a hand or even a chicken (they've got animals too like a giraff and an ostrich). Also, they had an exhibit of the nerves of the body that was amazing (everything is real except the eyes). It's incredible how they can do that.

Here is a picture from the after party of the "World Premier" of a movie called HottieBoombaLottie (he said he got the name of the movie from highschool. I guess it was a term girls used to describe the hot guys. I've never heard it before in my life. Maybe it's unique to Utah? He went to Provo high. Anyone else heard of this not from Utah? disclaimer: nothing against Utah, I was born in Provo so...) which both Ephraim and Cami worked on (Ephraim was the gaffer and Cami did catering and actually had a small part in the movie). It was a fun experience as I had never been to a movie premier before or the LA Film Festival or any Film Festival. And the theater was packed, sold out actually. Afterwards they had Q and A with the writer/director/lead actor Seth Packard who was a friend of Ephraim and Cami. The producers was very nice as we (Grant and I) didn't have tickets and it was sold out but they were able to track some down for us which was really great of them. Thanks!

It was kind of a teeny bopper high school comedy "Dynamite"-esque. It was funny and entertaining. The crowd seemed to really enjoy it (Grant really got a kick out of it. He likes that kind of stuff a little better than I do) and it had a great soundtrack (which appealed to me more than the movie itself).
Here "we" (even though I'm not in the picture) are waiting for the show to begin...

A big shout out to all of our out-of-towners who showed Grant and I a great time. (isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Maybe we should work on that...) Pictures like these (where Grant is on the "red carpet" but you can't tell and it's a horrible picture anyway) inspired me to enroll in a photography class this fall. Hang in there people. It won't always be this bad!

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