Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sweat Sisters

Danielle, Anne and I became Sweat Sisters during our hike on thursday in El Morro Canyon.  I guess the view is really awesome from up there as you are supposedly able to see San Clemente all the way to Long Beach or something like that, but when we went hiking, there was lots of fog that made it impossible to see the view but really great lighting for experimental photography which I did with my new di-gi-tal gadget.  I thought my new Canon SD 790 IS did a delicious job.  It has really cool features that automatically adjust the lighting and eveything depending on what you are shooting ie: the beach, indoors, sunsets, kids and pets(or anything else that moves quickly), underwater(when you put it in it's waterproof case which comes separately), aquariums,  fireworks or even foliage (which was a fast favorite of mine). 

It has a macro feature which allowed for some great detail on this spider (which picture Danielle took as she braved getting so close to this spider :)  Anyone know what kind of spider this is?

And I was able to test it out for myself capturing a much less scary

This was taken on the foliage setting which allowed for capturing the array of tans and such.  We had a really fun time and afterwards we went to the Laguna Culinary Arts School Cafe.  They had a huge display of cheese and we vowed we were going to have a cheese party real soon...

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The last Unicorn said...

Those pictures are amazing! It looks like you will be setting out on a lot of new adventures now that you can explore them all through the lens of your camera. You couldn't have picked better girls to take along for the trip. I keep hearing about this cheese party! When you make it happen... just be sure there are some lactose-free options :)