Saturday, July 26, 2008

RV stands for "right up my alley"

This is the first of many pictures in an ongoing pursuit of mine to capture those themes on which so much of my own exhiliration and happiness derive. You know those things that you enjoy most when shared with someone else who can appreciate their beauty? The people who "get it". This is one of those things. This goes out to all who can appreciate an RV's humanity.

To me, RV's aren't just out there to carry it's owners to various destinations or to make camping more comfortable. Their purpose does not lie solely in being a home on wheels moved with a motor, nor is their existence fulfilled in being huge and taking up a lot of space for parking, or even in slowing traffic. They do much more than that. They teach us about life! I revel in the irony, mystery, comedy and truth I find in the names printed along the side that sends a message to us all. I mean, they could easily all read "Get out of my effing way!" but they don't. These owners (or manufacturers, I don't know) print messages we should all ponder. I mean, look at this guy. To me he's saying, "I'm not just moving for my health, I'm traveling here". Either that or, "Get out of my effing way!" (fyi: "eff" is slang for freak). Whatever it means, I think we could all take a page out of this guys book. What, my friends, does it mean to you?


Johnny said...

CALLIE!!! YOU JUST MELTED MY FACE! I feel like my whole life has been a lie until now. The pure and simple truths that have been brought forth by this RV. Recreation Vehicle or RE-CREATION Vehicle. By using this vehicle to travel you RE-Create the world as you knew it. Re-Create your family ties. Re-create YOUR DREAMS!!! With this Vehicle I feel like more than just a mobile traveler I feel like a MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

annabee said...

rv stands for reinventing the wheel. i mean, come on, i've been spending my life with a motor attached to my front end, and a few too many doors (into my soul), a huge gas tank, and basically not just junk in the trunk, but i big trunk. i'm just saying.