Monday, July 28, 2008

Levi, Todd, Brittany, Brittany's little boy Jake, and I all went on Friday to check out the US Open in Huntington Beach. It was a lot of fun and the highlight was probably the Moto-Cross.
There was 6 trick bikers and one got hurt doing some crazy move.

Jake felt inspired. (Cue electric guitar whammy)

I think seeing the extreme sports was life changing for Jake as he, upon leaving, was inspired to immediately start experimenting with some tricks in his stroller and is now really into extreme strolling. He puts his thumb in his mouth just to show how "at ease" he is in such extreme positions (and also to freak his mom out a little). That Jake.


brittany said...

That's my boy! Future evil knevil right there.

Johnny said...

Jake is crazy good. Does he have a sponsor yet? Let me know I know some people in the extreme stroller industry.