Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So, we had a bonfire with our Young Marrieds group for our once-a-month FHE activity that Lori did such a good job planning.  I volunteered to go early and claim a pit (I wish I did it like how Micheal Scott declared bankruptcy but I guess that would be more like proclaiming a pit, not claiming so nevermind).  I got there at like 5 and was afraid I wasn't going to find a pit but luckily there were two left so I even was able to choose between one with nails or one with more nails, so I chose the one with nails.   Since I was there by myself, I brought a book to read for a while until the peops arrived but as luck would have it, there was a fam from my home ward at the pit right next to the pit with nails that I chose, so I caught up with them until Anne got there.  Anne and I had a photoshoot and waited for Grant, who got there at the same time as Cinnamon and Tom.  We went and ate at SuperMex right across the street and then went back to join the group for roasting dogs and globs of marshmallows.  One day I want to have a Smore party where we have all different kinds of crackers and chocolate varieties.  That would be globs o' fun.


Heather said...

I declare that I have A FIREPIT! That would be so awesome! :) ha ha

ps...some dude is biting your neck in one of the pictures! Be careful about that!

Michelle, Chris, and Hallie said...

This is precious writing Callie-- I was cracking up imagining you pulling a Michael Scott! Love it. My mom was stoked to see you-- she gave me the entire run-down over the phone "and then Callie came... and then Ann came, and then they changed to another fire pit when other people came." It was intense!